Introduction: The Cheapest DIY SoftBox (studio Light)

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HI! In this instructable I wanna show you how to make a super cheap softbox, portable source of soft studio light!

You need just:

  • Table lamp
  • Cardboard
  • White plastic bag or white textile
  • A tape
  • Bamboo sticks

Also you can watch all process of making on embedded video!

Step 1: Making a Frame

Make a carton ring, with diameter 4cm bigger than diameter of your lamp

Step 2: Making a Diffuser

Cut a circle piece of plastic bag or textile (textile is better) and attach it to the ring by tape

Step 3: Mounting on Lamp

Make 3 holes on ring and insert a bamboo stick in them, then just attach all construction on your lamp!

Step 4: Result

Using 2 lamps with diffusors I have no sharp shadows on my table, it is good for recording some videos on my table!