The Cheapest DIY SoftBox (studio Light)




Introduction: The Cheapest DIY SoftBox (studio Light)

About: I like to create things, handmade weapon, arduino projects, science and some crazy staff! Also I like to capturing videos about my projects and I have YouTube channel - MadGyver!

HI! In this instructable I wanna show you how to make a super cheap softbox, portable source of soft studio light!

You need just:

  • Table lamp
  • Cardboard
  • White plastic bag or white textile
  • A tape
  • Bamboo sticks

Also you can watch all process of making on embedded video!

Step 1: Making a Frame

Make a carton ring, with diameter 4cm bigger than diameter of your lamp

Step 2: Making a Diffuser

Cut a circle piece of plastic bag or textile (textile is better) and attach it to the ring by tape

Step 3: Mounting on Lamp

Make 3 holes on ring and insert a bamboo stick in them, then just attach all construction on your lamp!

Step 4: Result

Using 2 lamps with diffusors I have no sharp shadows on my table, it is good for recording some videos on my table!

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    4 years ago

    As a former photographer, your set up looks just fine. The key to the success of this is the amount of light you are producing. Using two incandescent bulbs at 100 watt each the heat would be unbearable relatively quickly. However, with the newer fluorescent versions the heat is minimal and they use much less electricity. The nice thing also is that smart phones like the I-phone make a very nice photo even in low light. They auto-correct for color temp errors nicely. For example in a camera that does not correct the color fluorescent lights would look somewhat green. But overall nice job.