Introduction: The Cheapest ESP8266 Programmer!

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Hi folks, now I'll teach you how to make your programmer to the ESP-01 and ESP-201, (perhaps serve with other models) using an Arduino UNO, a few cables and optionally a button and a slide switch, in my case I use them because I had available, with this programmer able to upload the Arduino sketches and any other firmware (AT, LUA, Espruino, etc).

Step 1: Okay, Let's Start, First Do the Following Circuit.

Optionally if necessary can place a 100n capacitor between Vcc and GND and if you're a fan of security, you can put a divider or Logic Level Converter voltage between RX and TX.

Step 2: Step to Flash the ESP-01 and Esp-201

1.- Connect the Arduino/Genuino UNO.

2.- Put the ESP-01 in Flash mode, set the slide switch to GND.

3.- Push the Button reset.

4.-And open the app for Flash, that you like.

Note.- I test with:

a.- Flash tool 2.4 -Link-

b.- ESP8266 Flasher -Link-

c.- Arduino IDE -Link-

That is all!!!


Step 3: Some Arduino Models and Flashing Tools.

Step 4: Downloads