Introduction: The Cheapest and Easiest to Make Monopod

A monopod is simply a tripod but only with one leg. These are very useful because they are very light and they are very quick and easy to use.

The monopod that I have made is easy to make and it costs under 5$. Also it has a function as a hiking pole, so you do not need to lug around a heavy tripod and a hiking pole. Now you just need to carry a light monopod hich doubles as a hiking pole.

Things that you probably need to buy:
1/4" 20 thread hanger bolt: 0.50$
1/4" 20 thread hex nut: 0.10 $
3/4" by 48" wood dower: 3.00$

Things that you need but probably have:
A drill
A 1/4" drill bit
An adjustable wrench
A screw at least 3" long
A drill bit matching the screw
A drill driver
And last but not least a camera

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Step 1: Putting in the "foot"

1)The first step is to put the screw in. You first drill a hole at least 2" ( this depends on the screw size you are using, I was using a 5") into either side of the dowel. Try centering it as best as you can.

2) After you make the hole then insert the screw and while holding the dowel tightly use the drill driver to screw it in until it can't anymore. It will vibrate a lot but it will not shatter. This is what you will need to stick the monopod into the ground to make it stable.

This is not for taking photos in the city but for photos in the mountains or in your neighborhood park. Also with this screw you can use the monopod as a hiking pole. The screw catches the ground and if you drive it in over an inch it will not get ripped out. 

Step 2: Drilling the Hole for the Hanger Bolt

1) First you need to drill the hole with the 1/4" drill bit. I drilled as far as I could so I knew that there would be enough space. Try centering it as best as you can.

Step 3: Placing the Hanger Bolt

2) Second put the hex nut on the hanger bolt, this will help you tighten it. Center the bolt as well as possible.

Step 4: Tighten the Hanger Bolt As Much As Possible

3) Tighten it as far as you can with the wrench, it is ok if it is slightly lopsided, and since it is so cheap you can always buy a new set if you truly messed up.

Step 5: Enjoy Taking Stable Photos of Nature

And now you can confidently take a stroll in the hills knowing that you have something to lean on and a quick and easy to use monopod. You shall no longer fear blurry images, even ones due to lack of light.

Remember all the essential things can be found in any hardware store for a very cheap price!

Note: I saw a similar monopod in a MAKE magazine but I modified it so that it was more practical and much less expensive.

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