The Christmas Pineapple

Introduction: The Christmas Pineapple

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If you can't find, afford, transport or like a Christmas Tree, you can always make a Christmas Pineapple.

The best thing about this is it's recyclable, after Christmas take the lights off, cut the top off and place in a bowl of water and try to grow another pineapple or you can compost it with the outside rind. Cut up the fruit, put it on ice cream, put it in punch or just eat it.


A pineapple, miniature battery operated Christmas lights from the Dollar store, batteries for the lights, a glue gun with glue sticks, a lid from a peanut butter jar or similar sized lid from something else.

Step 1: Construction

Glue lid to bottom of pineapple, this makes up for the unevenness of the pineapple bottom, it will make the pineapple stand up straight.

Starting at the top of the pineapple, begin to wrap the light string around the top, winding around and down as you go, when you get to the pineapple outer covering start tacking the light string with hot glue in three places for every wrap around. I had a small eight inch turntable to put the pineapple on to turn it with so that made it easier to wrap the light string.

When you get to the base, wrap the excess light string cable around the lid and tack in several places with the hot glue. Put batteries in the battery box, turn it on and enjoy your Christmas Pineapple.

If you want another Christmas / Holiday idea, checkout my Peanut Nativity Scene here:

Step 2: Your Christmas Pineapple

A YouTube video of the finished Christmas Pineapple with some Hawaiian Christmas music. Have a safe Christmas / Happy Holiday season.

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