Introduction: The City Is Yours - Mafia Strategy Game (batch) .bat Game

Welcome, so you want to learn how to script your own game huh? This is easier than you think, and fun to do.

I created a clever turn based strategy game with a gangsters theme.

In The City Is Yours you take on the role of a mafia boss and it is your goal to beat your rival in taking over the city by extortion, drugdealing, robberies, burglaries and more. Take over building blocks, expand your crew by recruiting men, hire hitmen and send them to attack your rival. The newspaper will give you updates on what's happening each week. In this turn based game you will move your organisation through a workweek and each turn will have consequences. So pick your strategy wisely!

Step 1:

Step 2: Scripting a Game in Notepad

First download notepad++, you can do it in notepad but notepad++ makes it easier to oversee if you have over a 1000 lines of code.

Step 3: Save Your Notepad File As .bat

The coding is done in notepad, but the actual game runs when you save your notepad file as a .bat file.

If you go to this page you can download the full notepad .txt file of my game, so you'll have the full script.

  • Open it
  • Go to File - save as
  • Save it as a .bat file.
  • Run the .bat file.

Now you'll see how this works.

Step 4: Edit the Code And/or Play the Game

If you right click on the .bat file and go to "edit in notepad++" you can adjust the code of the game.

As you can see the game is scripted with very simple variables and 'if and goto' statements.

The code should give you a basic understanding of batch scripting.

Furthermore I hope you'll give my game a try and let me know what you think of it!

Get it HERE

Or download the .txt file I attached.