Introduction: "The Clarilamp" - a DIY Clarinet Lamp

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Hello again!
It's been a few weeks since I created my last instructable, (please vote!) and I would like to share something else I had made. I present - the Clarilamp! This was a project I worked on with my father to pass the time, and ended up very nicely! Using an old wooden clarinet, 2 lamp kits, and some spare parts from another lamp, a wonderful light source was created. I hope someone else can share this experience, as I will post the instructions below. Have fun!

Step 1: What You Need....

For this project, you will need the following:

1. A clarinet (of course) - it will not be harmed, but I would prefer one not used in case of any damage done. Any clarinet can be used (notice how the mouthpiece is not needed).

2. A base - this can be as simple as a block of wood (I used a base of another lamp). The base should have a hole in the middle and the side for the cord to go through. You will need something sturdy enough to hold the clarinet.

3. A basic lamp kit - I found one at OSH. In picture 2, it shows all the parts needed. This includes the following:
-Threaded Stud
-Socket Shell
-Socket Interior
-Terminal Screws
-Wire (it would be easier to buy instead of make - it must fit in an outlet or connect to a battery and have loose ends on the other side)
-Socket Cap
-Harp Bottom
-Lamp rod
-Lock nut

4. A lamp rod kit - this can also be found at OSH. The rods depend on the size of your lamp. I used two 1-foot pieces and one (about) 4 inches. You will need some washers and nuts.


5. A light bulb - a 60 watt will do

6. A lamp shade

5. Extra tools -
- wrench

6. Optional:
-hot glue (this depends on your base - the better the base the less you have to glue)
-extra parts to cover the rods (these came from another lamp)

Step 2: Beginning

To build the lamp, we must slowly thread the wire through each piece of rod and the clarinet. In this step, we will start with the base.

Take a 1-foot rod and place it through the center hole of your base - secure it with a nut on each side. Then, take your wire (open end) and thread it through the side hole of the base, then through the rod. It should look something like the picture.

Make sure you pull enough of the wire to go through the clarinet.

Step 3: Continuing...

Before you do anything else, slip the bell or the clarinet over the rod. If the base cannot hold the clarinet, gluing it down would help.

Screw in a rod connector to the top, and then another rod, like above.

Place the lower joint and upper joint of the clarinet over what you have just done. It should look like picture 1.(remember to pull out more wire!!!!)

Step 4: The Extra Parts

Connect your last rod and place the clarinet's barrel joint over it. This, again, depends on the size of your lamp. My 4 inch rod looked ugly standing alone, so (using parts from another lamp) I covered it.

The parts were the same color as the clarinet and were a LIFESAVER. If you do not have extra parts, I recommend you use a smaller rod, such as a 1 inch piece. If you do use extra pieces, secure them with a nut.

(Once again, pull the wire so you have enough for the next step)

Step 5: The Harp

Connect the neck and the lamp rod to the existing rod (see pic 4).

Screw on the harp bottom and the socket cap until tight.

Connect the harp to the harp bottom, and follow the instructions on the diagram.

Take the open end of your wire and unscrew the screws of the socket interior. Wrap the wire around the screws, and screw it back in. It should look like pic 5.

Place the socket interior into the socket cap and cover with the socket shell. (pic 8)

Now...go all the way back to the bottom of the lamp and pull the wire as hard as you an until it is tight at the top. Make sure you do not pull the wire off the socket interior, or the lamp will not work. (pic 9)

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Simply screw in your light bulb and cover it with your lampshade. :)

Step 7: Finished!

Plug it in and watch the magic!

Step 8: Wrapping It Up

Thank you for viewing my instructable!

Please feel free to try this project out!

Please vote for me in the contests!

Feel free to comment or leave a question! If needed, I will post more detailed instructions.

Thank You!
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