Introduction: The Cockroach Killer

About: My name is Rockz rockyq and i am 16 years old

This is a Very Good Solution to kill Cockroaches This not have gases or something but this is dangerous do not eat it this must contain Boric Acid. This is unsafe for children.This Method works for A year

Step 1: Things You Gonna Need

1.Main Ingredient Boric Acid

2.All Purpose Flour


4.Nido Milk powder

Step 2: The Measurement

boric acid 100 gm

milk powder 50 gm

20 gm flour

sugar 10 gm

Step 3: How to Use This Cockroach Killer

Make small balls stick to kitchen's cupboard and stove and if you have cardboard boxes throw away the old boxes in the trash. after the cockroaches are dead and buy or take cardboards from anywhere if you want . This method works for A year. after the year apply same method the cockroaches go away forever...

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