Introduction: The Colourful Rio Bird

Hello everyone! Get ready to experience the Rio! We are now going to make and paint to form a beautiful, mesmerising Rio Bird!

Buckle up for the amazing ride as we are on the way to Rio!!

Step 1: Bird's Sketch

Pull your imagination and sketch a beautiful Rio bird on your chart paper with pencil

Step 2: Components Required

1. Quilling paper

2. Glue (Fevicol)

3. Acrylic colours

4. Ice cream sticks

5. Crimper

6. Quilling sticks

7. Chart paper

8. Quilling needle

9. Thread

Step 3: The Bird's Body!

  • Now that, we have a clear sketch of the bird, we will start with it's body.
  • Fix the quilling paper in the quilling needle and rotate it to form a colorful filling!
  • Place the fillings along the sketch to obtain the body of the bird.

Step 4: The "EYES"

  • Repeat the previous step with a different paper.
  • Arrange the obtained filling in the eye's sketch!

Step 5: The Background for the Beauty!

  • Now that, we are almost done with the body of the bird. Now it's time to sketch the background of the bird !
  • Quill the papers in the form of ellipse in the required colour and place them carefully to form beautiful flowers!

Step 6: The Rio's Head!

  • Using the quilling equipments, carefully shape the papers big & small so that, it fits the head and beak of the bird accurately!
  • Place and fix the quilling papers on the sketch of the bird's head and beak
  • Be careful that the quilling does not exceed the sketch's limit!

Step 7: Stem and Leaf of the Background

  • Use Green & black colours for the leaf & stem along the flowers that were fixed previously
  • Don't forget the buds !! Fill them with your favourite colour ;)

Step 8: Almost Done!

  • After all the procedures are done as instructed, the Rio baby looks like this ! ;)
  • Make necessary corrections if needed!

Step 9: The Background Colour!

  • What is a Rio bird without a mesmerising blue sky?!
  • Take your paint and brushes & paint the beautiful blue sky!

Step 10: The Final Picture :)

After all that's done, this is how the Colourful Rio Bird looks like!! :) Hope you like it ;) Thank you !

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