Introduction: The Competitor {Build}

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The Compeitor guide is now been made, special thanks to Sandroknexmaster for the request. I was hopeing to at least build one gun that someone else wanted to build, and thats really all I was trying to do. If you haven't looked at the picture instructable than a real quick summary of the Competitor is: Best gun I have ever made, about 30 foot range, straight shot, and removable magazines that help increase the fun. So, why wait! Let's build this thing!

Step 1: The Body

Two parts in this step, so if you have a clone gun use it now. Basically it's like any other knex gun as far as the body design, the body sides have the internals between them. Notice my closeup view, make sure the two blue connectors to the right of the bottom red connector are facing as shown. The other blue connectors don't really need to be there shown direction, but for the sake of safety and accurate instructions, follow it anyway, Oh! and make sure to put the blue rods on for the internal step coming up next! This only needs to be done on one of the two sides.

Step 2: The Internals

There are a few parts to this step. The first part you will need two of than there is a middle part beween it. The pictures pretty clearly show the steps. The rear part of you add is the ramrod guide. again pretty staight forward. The trigger part is also added. It is pretty simply built using only four green connectors, two green rods and a small blue connector piece. The decorative portions are than added and the clip guard. I forgot the front decorative portion when I built it the first time but i included a picture showing what it looks like when it's attached. The front decorative portion is three gray y connectors and are atached to a blue rod snapedd into one of the red connector on the front of the barrel.

Step 3: The Gun Body 2

The finishing step for the gun body assembly is to put the other side on the pre-assembled part.

Step 4: The Grip

A gun is pretty pointless without anywhere to hold onto it. The handle is copyed off a gun from this site, I don't remember what gun it was.... but it was muzzleloader and it was a awesome gun that I still have. I have used this grip because it is so solid and has a good feel to it, so thank you creator!. The grip is made in three layers, so follow the pictures, they are pretty clear to what you have to do. Finish this step with the satisfaction of attaching it to the gun body.

Step 5: The Trigger

Start this step by attaching an orange connector as shown. After you have completed one side, do the same thing on the other side as shown. Let's face it, I think I got enough pictures to show what needs to be done.

Step 6: The Ramrod

That's right, so important it requires it's own step! Wrap the orange connector with small rubberband or two to prevent the orange connector from coming off or braking upon impact. Lastly insert it into the gun, if it doesen't go in, pull the trigger.

Step 7: Wait a Sec! I Almost Forgot Something!

Make sure to add the blue connector as shown. It is very important to make sure the clip goes in the gun correctly.

Step 8: Let's Do the Elastic Slide

The elastics are added as shown. The rear ramrod elastics are very important! I used longer thiner ones through the connector and a thicker medium sized one on the bottom. Why? To make sure the ramrod is not bent upward, or downward, which would bend the gray rod. Your own combination may be needed to get the same result. The blue rubberband is used to make sure the ramrod cannot come foreward until you let it, by pulling the trigger. The Other two black rubberbands discussed in this step will be discussed later about how they are used.

Color code: Red Yellow X2 (one of each)= for rear ramrod, strung through center hole.
                 : Black X 3 = clip attachment and rear ramrod placement
                 : Blue X1 = makes the firing mech work

Step 9: The Magazine

In this step we will make the normal size magazine, which holds about six. The first part you will need two of, so you might want two before continueing. I built two but than took one apart so I could snap it on easier. The black connector on the top of one of the sides is solely for me, it shows which way the front of the bullet should be facing which help alot. The rubber band placement on the clip is basically shown attached to the white rod attached the yellow connector on one side and the blue connector's white rod on the other.

Step 10: Your Done!!! Now, How to Load It.

Congradulations!! You have built The Competitior! Now you can experience the fun this gun brings (I still am =) )
1.  Put connectors in the clip, round parts faceing the blue connectors. Hold them down as you add them.
2.  Then, when you have enough in, hold the yellow rod clip pusher as you put the clip in where it slides on the red conector on one side and is guided into the downward facing blue connectors.
 3.  Now this where change your hand position to something like mine shown where you are holding it in with one hand. 
4.  Alright use one of those rubberbands to attach the clip in securely as shown in the second picture.
5.  When you have one attached you can release your grip because the rubberband should be holding it okay.
6.  Flip it over and repeat the rubberband attachment on the otherside.
7.  Finally pull the ramrod back and pull trigger for instant gratification! Enjoy!