Introduction: The Console Carrying Case

I usually bring my Xbox with me whenever I travel but it gets hard to keep everything together. Therefore, I decided to make a case for my console so that it never has to leave it's bag. This case is not that hard to make but in order to make this, I needed to get supplies.




Foam Core or another similar substance


Knife that can cut fabric

Scissors that can cut fabric


Step 1: Getting the Bag

Since I had limited time to make this, I decided to modify an existing bag instead of making my own. Making a case yourself will take longer but it will more personalized. In order to get the bag, i first had to find out the Dimensions of my Xbox. Thankfully, this data was availible online so i did not have to measure it myself. A typical xbox one is 13.1 by 10.8 by 3.1 inches. Knowing this, i then had to find a bag that fit those dimensions. I would recommend looking at thrift stores in your area. I went to goodwill and found one.

Step 2: Modifying the Bag

In order for the bag to work, i had to change it's design. The bag i got came with foam insulation and a divider. These things would not help my final product because the foam would keep in heat. Consoles put out a lot of heat and this foam might cause the Xbox to overheat. So the first thing i did was to cut out all the foam. This was done using the knife and the scissors. After cutting out the foam, the heat was still a problem. The bad only had one opening and that is not enough for a console. Since the Xbox also has a fan on it's right side i cut strips into the right side of the bag. This allowed much better airflow. However, my Xbox also has an fan on its top. Since there is also a pocket on top that i used to carry items, i did not cut that up for fear of those items falling out. Instead, i made a small block out of foam core and used it to hold the bag open. This allowed the bag enough airflow to keep it from getting to hot.

Step 3: Making the Divider

Since both the console and the cords are going in the same bag, i made a divider in order to keep them separated. First measure out the foam core to be a little taller then the side or your console and cut it. I have extra memory attached to my Xbox so I needed to make an extra hole for it. After cutting it, use take to attach it to the top of the Xbox.

Step 4: Putting It Together

After finishing this, It was time to put everything in. I put the Xbox on the right side and the cords on the left. After making sure it all fit, i had to test this to make sure it did not overheat. Thanks to the stand for the top fan, it will not. The fan will get hot but do not worry, that is normal.