Introduction: The Cool Breeze Food Fan

About: I am a student for the Wilkes-Barre STEM Academy. I like to build things and made an intractables account so I can show people how I make my projects.

Do you hate burning your tongue when you eat hot soup or drink some coffee? Building this invention I made will stop that from ever happening to you again!

Step 1: Overview

I don't know about you, but every time I eat some delicious chicken noodle soup, I burn my tongue. Burning your tongue is about as painful as opening up a pack of Oreos only to find it is empty. Well, this project will stop that from happening (the hot soup problem, not the Oreo problem). It is easy to do and could be built with materials found in your house!

Step 2: Materials

To Build the Cool Breeze Food Fan, you will need

1 AA Battery - a four pack is approximately $4.99 or £4.00

1 battery holder with electrical components on the outside for positive and negative - $1.39 or £1.11

1 three inch (76.2 mm) long, one inch wide of PVC pipe - $3.78 or £3.03

1 twelve volt Brushed DC motor (one inch wide at the most) - $4.99 or £4.00

1 small circuit on/off switch - $1.95 or £1.57

3 feet (about 1 meter) of electrical wire (never hurts to have too much wire) - $1.98 or £1.59

10 inch (254 mm) bendable rod (make sure it is non electrical or in a rubber tube) - $1.02 or £0.82

2 inch (50.8 mm) USB fan blades (best if blades are made of foam) - $0.75 or £0.60

3 Plastic V-Clamps - $4.78 or £3.83

Assorted Paints (optional) - Prices may vary due to sizes of cans

Total Price for all Materials is:$25.63 or £20.93

You may also need scissors, wire cutters, sandpaper, hot glue, and sauder if you have it

Step 3: Assembly

Step 1: Make sure that you have all materials needed

Step 2: Cut a piece of the bendable rod about 8 inches long (203.2 mm)

Step 3: Get your 2 inch (50.8 mm) piece of PVC pipe and put the DC motor in it. If the motor doesn't fit, sand the PVC until the motor is snug. Glue the motor in place after it fits in the PVC pipe snugly. Drill a 0.03 inch (5 mm) hole into the PVC for the rod to fit into

Step 4: Attach your copper wire to the DC motor and the battery holder

Step 5: Use hot glue and attach your rod to the plastic clip

Step 6: Put the AA Battery in the holder and attach the positive and negative wires to the DC motor

Step 7: Glue the battery holder to the plastic clip

Step 8: Make sure all wires are connected to each other so your fan works

Step 9: Attach your fan blade to the DC motor and glue the DC motor to the inside of your PVC tube

Step 10: Clip the plastic clip to a spoon, point the fan at the spoon, and enjoy a nice bowl of soup without burning your tongue!

Step 11 (optional): You could put your wires into a small flexible plastic tube to make your fan look better, but it is not mandatory for your fan to function

Step 12 (optional): Paint your project whatever color you wish!

Step 4: Potential Uses

The fan can be used for any food and could be clamped to anything. It clamps to these tested objects


-Wide Bowls


Do not use this fan for cooling yourself off. You can, but I would not recommend it since it could burn out if left on for too long. Only use it for meals and drinks to avoid breaking your fan. I am not responsible if you break your fan if you weren't using it for food/drinks.

Step 5: Warnings and Cautions


If the foam falls off your fan blades or your fan starts to sound funny, make sure you either replace the fan blade or refrain from using your fan. This invention can hurt you if you aren't careful, but it isn't necessarily dangerous.

I am not responsible for any damage or harm caused to you or your appliances. If you use this invention and get hurt by it, it is on your account and not mine. I can not be held accountable for any injuries caused by the Cool Breeze Food Fan.