Introduction: The Coolest Paper Plate Baskets Out There

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In this Instructable we are going to utilize some leftover paper plates we had lying around from a party. Other things you will need are some washi tape; scissors; pinking shears; pencil; ruler and a couple of paper clips. Instead of washi tape you can use everything you have lying around - rubber bands; threads; strings etc. It's all up to you. This tutorial was done following directions from Martha Stewart.

You can use these boxes for everything - serving fruits or nuts; or if you line them with wax paper, you can serve salad, fries or anything else at your summer/spring garden party.

Step 1: Trim the Edges of the Plate

Use the pinking shears and trim about a quarter off the plates' edge.

Step 2: Trace the Lines You Are Going to Cut

Flip the plate over so the outlines can't be seen. Use the pencil and ruler and make a grid as shown on the photo. We are after a square in the center of the plate, so make sure it's a nice square. Use the ruler to measure it, if you prefer.

Step 3: Cut

Use the regular scissors and cut every other line like shown on the photo. Cut only the red parts of the line like shown in the graphic.

Step 4: Fold

This is a tricky step. Fold the sides to form a basked. Look at the gif image we made to get the idea how it's done. Use the paper clips to hold everything in place while you're doing it.

Step 5: Wait! You Are Done!

This is it. Just use the tape and wrap it around your basket to hold everything in place. As said, here you can free your imagination and use colorful threads, tape or everything you have at hand.

Instructable done by us - the lovely Van Squad. We are specialized in making many other awesome things out of paper and cardboard so follow our profile to get more awesome instructables!