The Cornstarch Milk Prank

Introduction: The Cornstarch Milk Prank

This is something I came up with awhile back to get my sister for April fools. It works great, and is easy, cheap, and hilarious.

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need is:

- an empty milk jug
- cornstarch
- Water

Exact quantities of these ingredients isn't critical, as long as it looks realistic. I find a good ratio is 1 part cornstarch to 5 parts water by weight.

Step 2: Set the Trap.

Put in the cornstarch and water, shake it up, put it in the fridge, and wait for your first victim.

Remember, after you leave it a while it begins to settle, and you have to shake it up some more. I like to leave it in the fridge overnight, then shake it up before my family eats breakfast.

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