Introduction: The Corona Game in Scratch

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Hi friends, I have created a Game in scratch to tell the importance
of using sanitizer and mask in this" New Normal" in a fun and learning way.

Sprites used:

  • Earth
  • Doctor
  • Corona virus
  • Sanitizer bottle
  • Mask

Step 1: Code Block for Doctor

The Doctor sprite moves in the direction of mouse in "y" direction.

Aim of the game:

  • Catch the mask and sanitizers for points
  • Touch to corona to prevent it reaching the Earth
  • If Corona touches the Earth , Game is over.
  • Get 50 points to save the Earth and complete the game.

Step 2: Code Block for Sanitizer and Mask

The Sanitizer and mask sprites keep moving towards the doctor , to help him gain points.

When they touch the Doctor sprite , the point increases by 5 .

Step 3: Code Block for Corona Sprite

The corona sprite keeps moving towards the earth.

The aim of Doctor is to touch it and Prevent it reaching the Earth .

Thus, saving our lives.

If the corona sprite touches the earth , then the Game is over.

If we reach 50 points ,we complete the Game.

Step 4: Stay Home, Stay Safe

So friends , Lets all keep coding and have fun in this New Normal.

Stay Home!! Stay Safe!!

We are all in this together, and we will get through this together.!!

Thank You.

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