Introduction: The Crane

About: I am a seven year old boy who loves k'nex. I like to follow instructions and then add my own design.

This is my new k'nex crane. It can move around the floor on wheels. It can lift a cage up and down using some string and a motor. The crane arm can turn around on top of the tower by crank handle from the bottom. You don't have to include the wheels, the crane can be fixed on the ground.

Step 1: The Tower

I used a big cog at the bottom and top of the tower but you can use different sized ones.

Step 2: The Cab and Motor

You could use a hand crank instead of the motor to power the crane.

Step 3: Crane Arm

Step 4: Counterweight Box

This box attaches to the back of the cab to hold weights that counter balance the weight of the crane arm, cage and load.

Step 5: The Cage

This design can be changed to a smaller or bigger size.

Step 6: Adding Together

These are some extra photos to show you how the different bits are added together.