Introduction: The Crib With Recycled Fabric

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The crib is a very important Christmas time decoration in many homes, and there are many ways to have the crib at home, one of these ways is by doing it yourself with scraps of fabric you no longer use and cuts navidena fabric. For the patros only just a little practice in the drawing and a little imagination. First you draw the pattern of crib you want, then using a tracing paper, a pencil and draw proceed piece by piece figure draft.
Materials needed are: Tela, adesivo shelf, silicone liquid and bar, wire, needle, Christmas ribbons, scissors, tracing paper, pencil, and time.

Step 1: The Star

The star reminds that guided the Three Kings. It means sky light that illuminates man in his walk the earth.
It's very simple to do just so long to cut the pan on interlining that this aderida to a fabric in gold, then precedes paste with hot at the bottom silicone, then stick with care and keeping the star shape ribbon to around the same, for small stars it is the same procedure and for the wake star another Christmas tape item is used in two, so that the box remains more beautiful it is decorated with Christmas ribbons up and down and using another tape handles which can aderir with silicone or with needle and thread are made.

Step 2: The Manger

The crib invented St. Francis of Assisi, the saint of humility and poverty, at Christmas 1223, and many years ago, in the village of Greccio, Italy.
Francisco was weak and ill, and thinking that maybe this would be her last Christmas on earth, he wanted to celebrate it in a different and very special way.

A friend of Francis, Mr. Juan Velita, owned a small forest in the mountains of Greccio, and the forest was a grotto that Francis seemed much to the little cave where Jesus was born, in the fields of Bethlehem, he had known little on his trip to the Holy Land.

Francisco spoke with his friend, he told his idea to do there a "living manger", and together we prepared everything in secret, so that was a surprise for the villagers, children and adults.

As with the star remember the first cut paper mold ne then the adesiva interlining, then pege the fabric of choice for decorating the interlining with the help of an iron and finally cut off the edge of the interlining the mold, then pegelo the decoration using hot glue in order to ensure that the form is preserved, do this calmly and you get a very good result.
Finally I decorate with christmas ribbons and using a stick of balsa and a thin rope, a Christmas flower Christmas and a doll, put his crib in a parede your house where it looks very nice.

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