The CupGame

Introduction: The CupGame

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

The CupGame is a 3D printed electronic beer pong simulation game controlled by the Arduino Uno.

Step 1: Materials List

  • Breadboard
  • Arduino UNO
  • Breadboard jumper wires
  • Stepper motor and motor driver module
  • IIC 1602 LCD display
  • IIC cable
  • IR Sender
  • IR Reciever
  • One button switch
  • 10k Ohm resistor
  • 3D Printer

All required materials for this project can be found in the USF MAKE course kit found here:

Step 2: 3D Printing

You can download the .rar file including all of the 3D printed parts used to create The CupGame here:

Step 3: Code

You can download the complete arduino sketch for The CupGame here:

Step 4: Setting Up the Arduino/Breadboard

This is a diagram of The CupGames' circuit:


Step 5: Assembly

Eventually I plan on redesigning The CupGame so that all of the parts easily slide/snap together but for now you will have to use some type of adhesive to assemble this project; I used Loctite for vinyl, fabric & plastic and it worked very well for me.

I am also planning on designing a nice diagram of The CupGame with all of the parts numbered so that you can easily follow the following directions.

  1. Take "bottom 1" and "bottom 2" and glue them together as shown.
  2. Glue "sidewgearhole" to the right side of the bottom structure.
  3. Insert "PINION" into the hole of the right side and use it to determine where you should drill the holes in "leftside" for the stepper motor.
  4. After you drill the two holes fasten the stepper motor to "leftside" with two screws/nuts.
  5. Glue "leftside" to the bottom structure the same way you did "sidewgearhole" but on the left. (You will most likely need to temporarily remove the stepper motor.)
  6. Glue the right side of "tubesupport" to the inside of "sidewgearhole" and the bottom of "tubesupport" to the top of the bottom structure. You will want the back of the tube support to be aligned with the edge of the bottom structure.
  7. Glue "RACK" to the front of "tube".
  8. Glue "ramp" to the top of the bottom structure and inside of the tube support.
  9. Glue the bottom of the enclosure to the back of the tube support. Make sure you don't glue the top of the enclosure otherwise you will not be able to easily enclose the circuit.
  10. Use wire and tape to fasten the IR Sender and IR receiver to the top of the tube with their wires fastened down the inside of the tube and out of the bottom.
  11. Screw the LCD display into "frontpanel."
  12. Attach the button through the front panel using female connector wires.
  13. Reattach the IR sender/reciever, the LCD screen and the button to the circuit the same way as shown in the circuit diagram but just with longer wires.
  14. Glue the front panel to the two side structures.
  15. Insert "tube" into "tubesupport."
  16. Connect "PINION" to the stepper motor and through the hole of the right side.
  17. Glue "cup" to the top of "tubesupport".

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    Fun time! I just wish there more in progress pictures, it really helps people emulate your awesomeness!