Introduction: The Cute and Funny Qbit Is Coming

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If you are interested in a small balance car, then you are in the right place.

The name of the car is Qbit. It has only two wheels which can balance very well and it looks very cool! Now we can make an introduction to the Qbit,

In this instructable, I am going to show how to assemble Qbit. Its installation process is very simple, you can install it in a few minutes.

Let’s move on it.

Step 1: What Is Qbit?

Qbit is a programmable robot based on Micro: bit capable of balancing walking on two wheels. This robot is perfect for learning STEAM and robotic knowledge. Perfect choice for robot lovers and beginners to learn robotics, electronics, and programming. We offer a variety of gameplay, each with detailed learning materials.

Step 2: Why Qbit?

Qbit not only has built-in RGB colored lights, infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, color sensors, ultrasonic sensors, DC geared motors and other electronic modules but also has built-in 2 sensor expansion interfaces and expansion holes, which are compatible with LEGO bricks and you can extend its function yourself, this means that Qbit will have infinite possibilities. ( which means that Qbit will have infinite possibilities for you to discover. )

In this instructable, I am going to show how to assemble Qbit.

Step 3: Parts

Here are the components of the Qbit:

  • Upper plate*1
  • Ultrasonic sensor *1
  • Bottom plate *1
  • Screwdriver *1
  • Micro: bit *1
  • Screw and copper pillar kit*1

Step 4: What Is Micro:bit?

Micro: bit is a Microcomputer development board designed by BBC for teenagers’ programming education, which also developed by Samsung, ARM, Lancaster University and etc. Currently, it is operated and promoted by Micro: bit Foundation within the globe. Micro: bit is only half the size of a credit card, carry a 5*5 programmable LED matrix, 2 programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, BT and other electronic modules.

Based on the Micro: bit development board, our Qbit can achieve more creative ideas and complete more gameplay. This will bring some fun to our lives.

Step 5: Simple Assembly-1

First, take out the bottom plate,

use the copper pillar to pass through the bottom plate

and fix it with a nut.

Step 6: Simple Assembly-2

Insert the cable into the corresponding hole on the lower base plate, as shown in the figure, and then insert the other end of the cable into the corresponding hole on the upper plate.

Step 7: Simple Assembly-3

Then fix the upper and lower plates together with the screws that are matched with the copper pillars.

Step 8: Finished

Finally, insert the battery, micro: bit development board, and the ultrasonic module in the corresponding position, then Qbit will be assembled successfully. This cute and fun Qbit is assembled successfully.

Step 9: What Can We Do After That?

Now that we have assembled Qbit, how do you operate it?

Let's come and have a look~

In addition to the gameplay shown in the video, you can also program your Qbit gameplay based on your ideas.

Just create what you want~

Have fun~