Introduction: The DIY Artichoke Lamp

Hello People!

As promised, to the 1400+ pair of eyeballs that did wandered through the last instructable, here's the plans for the artichoke lamp.

A bit of history...

The design is based on this  1950s pendant lamp, designed by

All you need is scissors, some Polypropylene sheet from the craft store (in UK try Paperchase) and paper fasteners 

See next step for the templates.

Step 1: The Templates

I have decided to use only PDF for the templates, many people seems exasperated as to how to open those EMS file using the free CAD program from eMachine shop. If you want them, put in the comments.

You need to print 1 copy each of Artichoke Branch and Artichoke Stem. 5 copies each of Artichoke leaves part 1 and part 2.

Step 2: Assemblying the Templates

Yeah... So instead of me waffling on, just click on the photos, comment if things get confusing.

  • The 'branches' angle gets smaller as with the smaller the leaves, follow what is show on the PDF
  • The 'stem' folds to a conical shape on one end
  • The stem has a diameter of 60mm, this would allow you to fit those golf ball size (E14/E12, 7w) compact florescent lamps, hence you can top this like a lamp shade. The conical shaped end will hold it in place. DO NOT USE INCANDESCENT OR HALOGEN.

Step 3: Easter Egg! an Instructable Within an Instructable!

While I was working on this thing, I thought it might be a good idea to show this other thing...

How to modify your coffee table into a desk! Bonus!

You can either try this fellow instructor's solution:

Or you can buy it from:

It cost roughly US$70++ (£40) to ship it to UK (They upgraded mine to DHL!), but compared to the cost of getting a new desk and running out of space, I think it is a good deal. The mechanism is actually quite well-made, if you have a heavy coffee table, it is not a problem, it comes with attachable springs to counter the weight.

The no assembly is required, all you need to do is retrofit the support beam with strip wood 20x40mm, I had only a hacksaw and a regular power drill to managed this! Easy-Peasy!  (^_^)

See photo for details.

Step 4: So What's Next?! the Beehive Lamp!

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RIP Amy.