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Discover how to build your own DIY Magazine Shelf. It's very easy, stylish and affordable !


To make your DIY magazine shelf, you will need the following supplies.

1. Hand saw

2. Ruler

3. Glue

4. Frame hooks

5. Pencil

6. Planed dowel

7. Round dowel

Step 1: Measure the Planed Dowel to Have 2 Pieces of 25 Cm and 2 of 50 Cm.

Step 2: ​Cut on the Marks.

Step 3: ​Sand Down Your Dowels.

Step 4: ​Glue the First 3 Pieces Together.

Step 5: ​Glue the Back Dowel.

Step 6: ​Measure the Back Dowel to Screw Your Hooks.

Step 7: ​Screw the Frame Hooks.

Step 8: ​Measure the Round Dowel to Have 1 Piece of 50 Cm.

Step 9: ​Cut on the Mark.

Step 10: ​Glue It on Your Magazine Shelf.

Step 11: You Are Done !

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