The DIY Munchkin Closet (an Ikea Hack Attack)

Introduction: The DIY Munchkin Closet (an Ikea Hack Attack)

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I love the convenience & excitement of big city living but space is always an issue.

The kiddo & her wardrobe had completely outgrown the small dresser that once oh-so-neatly stored her little clothes & accessories and my search for something larger (yet small enough to fit into the scant space available in her room) revealed nil, so…

I once again hit the As-Is section of Ikea & let my imagination take over.

Step 1:

I snagged our old Ikea Gorm shelf from the storage room and scored a Mulig clothing valet from the As-Is section

Step 2:

After painting the Gorm shelving unit blue I simply rearranged the shelves & removed the center wood slat from the top shelf to allow the valet enough space to peek through.

Step 3:

Then added a couple of old coffee table legs to the inside of the unit for more hanging space.

Step 4:

And popped some storage bins onto the shelves and the kiddo's fancy space saving closet was complete!

For loads more tips, tricks & DIYs visit my Confessions of a Refashionista.

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    7 years ago

    So cute!