The DSLR Bodycap Pinhole




Introduction: The DSLR Bodycap Pinhole

Something so simple and yet it works.

To make this pinhole for your DSLR you need:

A bodycap for your brand of DSLR. I'm using a Canon bodycap.

A beverage tin can of your choice.

A needle

A scissor

Some epoxy glue.

And a 52mm UV filter.

A drill. 10mm or so.

Step 1: All in One Step...

First drill a hole in the middle of your bodycap.

Then cut out a piece of tin can and flatten it.

Now mix your epoxy glue, and glue the piece over the hole.

Aslo take your 52mm UV filter and remove the glass. Then glue it on the front of the bodycap. The 52mm fit perfectly in the groove on the Canon bodycaps. Perfect!

Let the glue set.

Now it is time to make the hole in the piece of tin. We want the hole to be perfectly centered. I did this by making a circle of 24mm. With a compass, and cutting it out. The hole left by the compass will guide you to the center of the bodycap. Now poke your needle thru.

Put on a UV filter and your set. Mount it and take some snaps.

Note: You should paint the tin with a matte black spray or marker, for a better result.

Step 2: Results

Here are 2 pics I took handheld with the pinhole bodycap.

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