Introduction: The Definitive Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

Hey y'all! My name is James and I am an engineering student that has so desperately required caffination over the past few years. Because of this I have turned into quite the coffee snob, but one thing that has always seemed to vex me is homemade cold brew coffee.

However; after a little research, and a lot of experimenting here is the definitive guide to cold brew coffee.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

To create cold brew you will need a couple things.

1. The coffee beans (preferably whole beans)
2. A grinder
3. A mason jar
4. Electric scale
5. Water
6. A refrigerator

Step 2: Weighing the Coffee Beans

I have found my favorite ratio of beans to water to be about 60 grams of coffee to 1 liter of water.

If you enjoy stronger coldbrew add more beans, if you enjoy weaker coldbrew take some out.

This however is a nice middle ground.

So, to weigh the beans you can simply put some kind of cup (in this case I used the bowl for my coffee grinder) on the scale and zero it.

Once that is done add beans until 60 grams is achieved.

*Note of warning, you may have to grind the beans in batches based on individual grinder*

Step 3: Grinding the Beans

When grinding the beans be sure to not over or under grind them.

If you over grind them the coldbrew will turn out very acidic tasting.

If you undergrind them it simply won't be as strong as desired.

The desired consistency is slightly larger than course sand.

The first picture is an example of underground beans, note how you still see whole beans. The second image is the consistency we desire.

Step 4: Filling Your Jar

This step is super simple!

Place your beans in the mason jar first and then fill to the very brim with water. *ONLY USE COLD WATER*

The reason we picked a mason jar for this is that you can create an airtight seal. Air in the jar while it is brewing is the ENEMY!!!

Too much air in the jar will cause the veverage to go sour!

As the side view shows, the coffee ground is actually floating on top of the water and above the rim of the jar. THIS IS OK! Just use the lid to push the grounds under the water being careful to not spill.

Step 5: Brewing Your Drink

This step is the easiest.

First, give the jar a couple nice big shakes to make sure the grounds are all wet.

Next, let the coffee brew for 24-48 hours in the fridge.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Long Awaited Coldbrew!

Coldbrewing coffee has many benefits over a normal cup of joe; higher caffeine content, less acidity, more antioxidants, and MORE FLAVOR!

Thanks for reading along and hope this made making coldbrew a much simpler task!