Introduction: The Dice Diet

I know there are many complicated and difficult things while being stuck at home. Depending on your life situation you may have to deal with your kids, or you have to work all day long, or maybe you’re just extremely bored. Doesn’t matter what’s the case, I think the hardest part about being at home is the constant possibility to eat. I feel snackish all the time, but I never know what to eat - cause I don’t want to eat chocolate or chips all the time. Since the rest isn’t that appealing, I need way to long to make a decision what to eat instead. You know that feeling? Well then try the dice diet!


You need

- a blank sheet of paper
- different pen colours
- a die
- the food in your kitchen

Step 1: Search for Food

First you need to check your kitchen for food you could snack. That should be ‘minor’ stuff, that doesn’t count as lunch or dinner. (This may be different for everybody, in my case I decided to exclude everything that needs to be cooked, baked, warmed or any kind of extra preparation.)

You can look for all kinds of fruit and vegetables, that can be eaten raw, maybe bread and spreads, as well as fridge stuff (in my case just yogurt, but maybe you got something else that fits into your snack theme). I also included drinks, such as tea, water and juice and of course unhealthy, typical snack stuff.

Step 2: Categorization

Now you get your paper and pens and write down the numbers one to six. For each number you need a specific food or category. Since the most people (or at least me) have more than six different snack opportunities, I decided to use categories.

So, as you can see in my picture, I used the headings 1-vegetables, 2-fruit, 3-bread, 4-yogurt, 5-drinks, 6-unhealthy stuff.

Step 3: Sub-Choices/Concrete Food

Now mark every category with a different colour for your sub-choices.

Depending on how massive your snack-selection is, you need to write down one choice per number of pips or per two numbers of pips.

For example: vegetables – 1 cucumber, 2 tomato, 3 radish, 4 paprika, 5 lettuce, 6 cucumber
Or – 1&2 carrots, 3&4 cucumber, 5&6 paprika

You do this for all your food and categories.

Step 4: Role Your Die and Enjoy the Snacks!

And from now on you never have to decide what to snack anymore, because your die will pick something for you! And much better, if it should happen, that you have to snack chocolate, chips and ice cream in a row, you can't take the blame – it's out of your hand, it wasn’t your choice!
(There is the possibility to leave out this category and just use the healthier ones, but I didn’t want to. I mean, it is just ONE category out of six, so it’s not that possible to role it too often…)

On the other hand, there is also the chance of just drinking all day long, but that’s actually pretty healthy and if you really make it through the day with only tea, water or juice as your snacks, you’ll feel as if you accomplished an impossible task. ^^

I hope I gave you a glimmer of hope for your snack-trouble and you’ll enjoy the treats!

(And don’t forget, these are just snacks, so you should still eat breakfast, lunch and dinner)