Introduction: The Digital Clock

This Project is Made for the purpose whose Hobby is to make Different Things By Diy Projects.

This is one of Diy Project Digital Clock. The Digital Clock Have Different Features like It Shows Time, Date, Alarm,Temperature, Different Transition in LED s soldered in Rounded Shape; As well it can Reduce it's Intensity Based on Surrounding Light Intensity.


This Digital Clock is Available with Kit Online With Every Component Inside Kit.

Digital Clock Kit : Clock Kit

Controller IC : IAP15W413AS*1

Timing Chip : DS1302*1

Resistance (R1~R15)*15

Thermistor (RT1)*1

Ceramic capacitors( C4 , C5 )*2

Monolithic capacitor (C2 , C3 )*2

Crystal oscillator (Y1)*2

Keys (S1, S2)*2


Battery seat(BT1)*1

Electrolytic capacitor(C1)*1


Segment Display(DS1)*1

USB Mini : Block USB (USB1)

These elements should be noted that the positive and negative poles of the circuit board are to be noted. These elements should be noted in the same direction as the circuit board. 3,Positive welding LED, digital tube, Thermistor, and other components of the Solder in the back. 4,LED has two colors, the less number of color welding in a large number of corresponding position, and the rest of the location of a number of more than one color. 5,U2, C4, C5, Y1, BT1 must be Soldered before the digital tube, pay attention to the points on the digital tube. 6,The working voltage of the kit is 5V, the battery on back is only for the power down save time.

Step 1: Understand Circuit Diagram Connection

Above Given Circuit Diagram is for Reference Purpose,For Better understanding Which Controller ICs are Used and Which Connections are that in LED s, Resistors, Controller, RTC(DS1302), USB and all other Components.

We have to make Sure that Which Component Will Solder at which Side of PCB, and also take care About Soldering All Components in Proper Manner So that not any terminals of Component get Sorted; Because this Cause Damage to Controller and other ICs.

Step 2: Solder Components

This Step is Very Important in the Project. First we will Start Soldering by LED s, The LED s will be Solder in the sequence which is Given in the first photo.It means at Every Count of Hour there must be Blue Led and rather all will stand for Red Led. These are 3 mm LED s, so we have to make sure while Solder each terminal.Then Solder the 4 Digit Segment Display Unit at (DS1) Written on the PCB, at the upper side of Display there are two Slot for Thermistor and LDR Solder them Properly at there Location.

Now, That Side is Complete.

Turn the PCB, You will see Many Boxes Located at Every position for Soldering Components. Now First Solder the Base of the ICs there are Mainly two Slot for that are 1.) 28 pin Base 2.) 8 pin Base The both are Located Besides on the PCB.Solder The Bases, Don't Attach IC on their Base Now, attach it after All Components will Solder Properly.

Now Take Small Components Like Resistors and Capacitors, Solder all that Components at their Location.

Solder Battery Base and USB Port.

Then Make Sure All Soldering is perfect and all Components are Properly Attached with PCB.

Step 3: Working of ICs

This is also a Important part for making any Projects

This Project Contain Mainly 2 ICs

1.) Controller IC : IAP15W413AS

This IC is a Controller IC which Control all the Things.It Control the Movement of Lights, The Values are Coming from the Thermistor and LDR. Output of Clock on Display, Which Input will give to Clock; This type of all the Things it can handle.

2.) Timing Chip : DS1302

This is a Timing Chip which is Giving Timing Values to the Controller to Display. It is a On chip RTC that can Control Timing Setting, Because there are Battery cell of 3v & Crystal to Run the Timing Even after the Clock is not Powered ON. Internal Timing is always on due to the Source.

Step 4: Assembling

There are Acrylic Case is Given with the Kit.

All the Acrylics are Covered with a Plastic Cover. we have to Remove that Cover while Assembling;

The PCB have Four Round Cuts Around it.we have to attach Screws which s given with the Kit, like given in Image 3.

By Attaching Screws Both Sides take sheet of Any Side and attach it with Nuts, and also Attach the Smaller Side Acrylics Simultaneously; Just Hold the Structure and take Rear Side of Clock At attach it with the remaining slots of the Smaller Acrylic pieces and screwed it at outer Side.

Step 5: Power It Up

There will be a Mini USB Cable Given with the Kit,

Plug the the USB Cable to DC 5v Supply.

That's It. You will have Complete With the Digital Clock.

Thank you For Reading.

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