Introduction: The Digital Hand Washer

this is a machine that can solve the global pandemic !

Step 1: Materials

to first collect the materials

Arduino Nano


Ultrasonic Distance Sensor1

Red LED1

Green LED4


nclosureBreadboard and jumpers for breadboard versionor,Perfboard/veroboard if you know how to solder

card board

some tape

Step 2: To Connect the Digital Lines

1 first you will connect your sensor onto a negative charge and connect with your Arduino

2 secondly, connect the lines with your LED lights and see if it works ( if it doesn't then go try another line )

3 be wise with your breadboard and plug on line connected to the lines and one connected with the negative charge

4 turn on the computer and run your system,

Step 3: To Try the System

after you complete then you can add on your system link that can provide you an idea about how it works. the design is basically timing your hand washing time and give an idea about how long it should take. So if the system runs on and has shown the green light than your project should probably be done!