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This was an artistic project to demonstrate any shape, any surface can give information through Leds, Screens, Buzz. Another Idea was to give two or more functions to a same furniture, to avoid space lose.

It's more a Proof of concept than a final product as I choose cheap materials to make this prototype come true.

Step 1: Buying Parts:


I choose something equivalent to today's version of KLIPPAN in Ikea. It was little bit different but I think it's the same assembly and construction.


When I had a Sofa I had measures too and can search for a "Screen".

I found "LED Scrolling Message Display" that fit my budget and took one in eBay store.

The Led Message Displays show random pictures out of the box so I did not spend time and nerve on their old school software heritage from DOS. It is RGY and not RGB... An equivalent is linked bellow by eBay.


Just went to my local fabric reseller to choose one (need to see and touch).

Step 2: Woodworking & Electronics:

Not enough photo here.

I disassembled the Led message Board to only have the PCB nude. Enclosure not usefull here as it becomes the sofa itself.

Some woodwork, jigsaw,cut and paste...

First re-Assembly to test the concept.

Step 3: Texturing:

Adding Foam everywhere.

Black Lycra makes the Led Message Display invisible when off.

About the cow fabric texture it was for fun :)

Step 4: Concept Live

Here you can see results.

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    Question 3 years ago

    I assume it is not very comfortable to sit back on, seeing as the LED screen is hard?

    Its a great idea, and would be a great window/showroom display piece for a sofa company.

    I have favorited this as i wonder if i could work out a way to have a transparent padding on the front side of the screen.


    Answer 3 years ago

    You assume right.
    I workarounded this by placing a space between the Lycra and the LED Display (about 2-3cm). This was the first attempt. Was not so bad but ever not so comfortable a long time. In the second attempt I changed the way I fixed the Display so it was no more hard fixed but had foam in backside that let the Display move forward/back some more centimeters (this and the space before Lycra together). I will try to draw a sketch to illustrate it. Was ever not the best Sofa for your back...

    Yes I think it can make sense in expo, showrooms, events.
    Today this can be more easy to do with a beamer and a mapping software without sacrificing your Sofa :))

    Thanks for all your comments. Was a work I did long time ago and hope someone will do something better with actuals technologies. Love to see this with a software that detect where someone is sitting and adapt the visual!


    3 years ago

    Interesting project! Thanks for sharing : )


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for your message!