Introduction: The Disposable Archimedes Cube

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Ice cubes are easy to make! But then they're a pain to get out of the tray, and bump against your upper lip while you're drinking, and make you sad thinking about the Titanic, if it were in the drink. 

I wanted to make a new ice cube, one that wouldn't make you weep into your drink for all those lost souls as tears rolled down your frostbitten upper lip into whatever you happen to be drinking.

I succeeded! With the help of...ARCHIMEDES.

Step 1: The Raw Material

FIRST: Fill a plastic cup with just a little bit of water. 

This water will someday be your Disposable Archimedes Cube!

I haven't tested it, but I suspect if you use a glass cup, you may shatter something along the way.

Step 2: Put a Glass on It!

That's right...a SECOND plastic cup. No, really...hear me out.


Fill this second glass with enough water to displace the water in your original glass to the level you want the ice cube to be.

I guess you could fill it with gold if you wanted to be classic about it.

Step 4: Freeze It Like Walt Disney's Head!

Just like that. The ice in the first cup will expand, pushing the first glass upward using some sort of Scientific Force.

Now you may remove the second cup from the first. If you have used plastic, as the instructions stipulate, this will be easy. If you've used glass there will be little shards of glass mixed in with your Archimedes Cube and you will drink bitter sorrow.

Bonus! The ice cube from the second cup can be given to someone less cool than you. It is a fully functional ice cube.

Step 5: Fill With Liquid Victory!

Advantages to the Disposable Archimedes Cube: 

--It will not bump against your lip, freezing it
--It will cool your drink circumferentially, maximizing surface cooling area
--It will melt evenly
--It will stabilize your plastic cup, preventing the "overstrong grip spill leak" faux pas

Disadvantages to the Disposable Archimedes Cube:

--None. It is a perfect Platonic form and you may dream of it tonight.

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