Introduction: The Dormer's Search for Friendship Guide

How to Make Friends in the Dorms

Sometimes it is hard for college student to make friends. There are various, vast reasons for this, and while I am not trying to get into them now, this particular instructable will provide a solution, or rather, a guide to overcoming this oh so traumatic struggle that those who need help in the making-friend department can turn to.

Step 1:

Method Numero Uno

This method within the guide to making friends in the dorms is not necessarily the number one choice, however, some may find it effective.

Step 1: Walk into a random room, unexpected.
Step 2: Look happy and friendly, seem like you want to be there.
HINT: It may help to enter with a wave or in song.

Step 3: Recognize the response you receive from the residents at home, and respond as you find fit.

Step 2:

Responses to Utlizing Steps 1 and 2 of Method Numero Uno

Response 1

Demonstrated in the image is a seemingly not so ideal response, yet some people may find it enjoyable and even welcoming.

Summary of Image: Resident automatically gives you an angered look as if you were an intruder and tells you to leave, or does not talk to you.

Step 3:

Response 2

Upon your entrance, the resident throws sundry items at you in the hope that you will leave. Again, this is demonstrated in the image (as will the remaining steps and situations)

Step 4:

Response 3

The seemingly most ideal response, it is a welcoming smile in return from the resident...

Step 5:

...and a quickly developing friendship that springs from both you and the residents decision to play Apples to Apples on the floor of their dorm.

Step 6:

Moving away from Method Numero Uno, and the possible outcomes it ensues, a second method is discussed:

The Daily Life Method

This method of making friends in the door is centralized around the happenings of both your and the the other students daily habits.

Step 7:

Such a habit may include being in the bathroom....

For instance, you may need to wash your hands, and someone else may also be washing their hands. In such a case, some opening lines for interaction may include: "Hi," "How is it going?" "What's Up?" or the all time fav, "Wat it do?"

Any of these may be followed by listening the other students response, or and introduction of yourself, for example, "My name is _______."

Step 8:

Another habit may include, walking up the stairs and using the same material for conversation mentioned in the previous slide....

Step 9:

...or maybe you have a habit of sitting on couches. Other students most likely have the same interest, and luckily, it is usually normal to find one in every lounge in the dorms.

Step 10:

As can be seen, there are various ways to make friends in the dorm.

Some you may feel comfortable with, some you may not, but with the copious options mentioned, it is likely that even a small portion will apply to your arena of comfort and attraction and aid in the not-so-always-easy quest for friendship in the dorms.

And please always remember:

A friend allows you to be who you are and how you are without putting holes in your bucket.