Introduction: The Dynamic Photoalbum

It is a photo book with LED lighting in the side of the cover so that you can clearly see what book it is.

Step 1: Make a Blue Print

This is a blueprint of the book what I want to do there are LEDs in wooden cover and a 3d printed clamp for the leaves.

Step 2: What Are the Requirements?


Must-haves that you hold two sheets of plywood from 60 am to 30 cm in order to make the cover of the heart, you also need a piece of plexiglass that fits exactly the name on the side of the book to cut out these you need a laser cutter that you use for wood and plexiglass. I have made three illustrator documents for cutting the three files are the one for the cover, the other side of the book and the last for the small piece of plexiglass. To do the LED lights on the side, you need a LED strip, 5V battery, wiring and a switch button that I took out of an flashlight of the action. The last thing needed is the binding glue to paste the page in the book, photo paper, long hinge and screws to attach the hinge and the first letter of your first name and that of your loved one that you should 3d print and then paste in the center.


What else could be a supplement if you certainly want to know that the book holds the leaves, you can make a click system with a 3D printer. When you first print a rectangle with two pins to make sheets with holes in the second to make a cover to keep the leaves together so you can't see the pins and the leaves are tight.


You could also get a photo in front of the cover engraved in the wood toget an even more personal book because it is even more special if you have a photo carved in your book of yourself and your loved one.


What could possibly recover in the future, I'd make the cover in a different way that it will become a whole piece of wood with the laser cutter so you can cut the wood in a way that it will bend when you have it in your hands.

Step 3: Making the Illustrator Files.

In this step, I also used the files I've put in here so you can use them as wel if you possibly don't know how to use the program. For the side of the book I used a site that is called makercase.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Chaff and the Plexiglas.

I have been working at school for two hours on the design in Illustrator, then I put the book together partly the edge can still open because the LED Strip needs to go in still.

Step 5: Materials Used in This Project

The used materials are:

Two sheets of plywood 30 x 600 cm

1 small red plexiglass plate

2 grams 3d print material for the letters

1 large hinge

10 screws

1 5v battery

1 red wire of 30 cm

One black wire of 30 cm

One torch of the action

black electrical tape

wood glue

binding glue

100 sheets of matte photo paper.

1 LED strip

Step 6: The Final Result.

The final result is a book with 100 pages, LED lighting and completely made of wood.

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