The E-write Lessons! Learn How to Write in Simple Steps

Introduction: The E-write Lessons! Learn How to Write in Simple Steps

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Hello great wide world.

This is my entry in the teachers contest

I am a distance education student- my school is based 300km from my home and i am sent schoolwork via email and mail.
I also write novels as a pastime and wanted to teach other teenagers the wonders of writing.
But, when the nearest teenager is over thirty kilometers away, how would i do it?
And voila! E-write was born

E-write or Email Writing lessons teaches others how to express themselves via the marvelous form of writing novels in only THREE EMAILS

To this day three students have passed the e-write lessons
Two in novice-One in experienced
My furthest student lives 1000km away

So, now sit back and learn a great art without any long term commitments or exams!!!

Also, my apologies. I take great pride in my writing but i suck at drawing!!! 

AND if you like writing, join my group- wackywriters

Step 1: Getting Started

You need something to write with and upon
This is simply personal preference but there are many options

Pen and paper- This is a cost free and good back-to-basics option. Choose a good sized notebook, as this keeps it in order and its so satisfying to hold your hard work in your own two hands. Choose a pen that your comfortable with, as when the spell of writing takes over you can be writing for ages and the last thing you need is a pen low on ink or one that hurts your hand.

Laptops-Portable, easy to store so many different stories and no worries about untidy handwriting. These are great to carry around with you in case the writing bug hits on long road trips or holidays.

PC- Wonderful for simply sitting and writing.choose a program that you understand and are comfortable using. You can also email others your work for review!!!

Of course there are many other options-find one that suits you!!

Step 2: Fact or Fiction?

Sounds like a simple choice doesn't it??
Not really, but it does narrow your field down
I personally prefer fiction as it is much easier

FACT-It can be an autobiography, biography, facts on just about anything (even writing)
With this choice comes a lot of research-you cannot make a mistake.But get your facts right and your fine!!!

Fiction- You simply need an imagination. The choice is unlimited. War stories, fake life stories,love,fantasy,horror,mystery,thriller,crime, the list goes on!!!
With this you can create everything and anything!!!!

Step 3: Perspective, Audience, Inspiration

This is a very important part

Audience- Who are your books/stories intended for? Choose an age group so that your stories can interest them.After all a gory crime story isn't right for a four year old girl.

Perspective- In fiction stories, who's eyes are you looking through? Here are examples of three different perspectives

I climbed into the hayloft
I watched jack climb into the hayloft
Jack climbed into the hayloft

Choosing one of these is important, or the story makes no sense

Inspiration- For fiction stories, inspiration sparks great ideas. Your environment, music, people around you, other stories, movies, even dreams can give you ideas

Plot- This is your basic storyline of what happens. As you work, add to your plot to interest readers to continue reading the story. A dull, basic plot will see the story thrown aside quickly. a good plot line keeps the writer interested too!!!

Step 4: The Time, Place and People

Now, your going to need a place, time and characters in your story.
In fact this is already set for you, but in fiction its your choice.

Place- It can be real, made up, or even half- half!. You can have cities, countrysides even whole worlds. Just sit down and think about it. Choose a certain place for your story to be based, eg one country or city. Be as creative as you can!!!

Time- Past,present, future? Set  your story at any time you prefer. Just remember to pay attention to your time choice, its a silly error for someone to turn on a light switch in the 1600s. Also, you don't have to have a  exact time, just a vague idea.

People- These are so fun to design, are your characters human, beast, or mythical creatures? Are they just like as? What language do they speak? What do they look like? Are they magical?. Once you've decided this design individual people with different looks, opinions, races, attitudes. Go WILD!!!!

Step 5: Other Addtions

As chances are you will not publish your stories these are not really important but they are fun!!!

Book title- what will you call it? what suits the story? You can even use a line from the story. Make it interesting so the reader notices it

Book Cover- Draw it, sketch it, take photo's, use computer programs. Make it relate to the story, add your name and the story's title
(don't use images off the web unless you can get the publishers permission)

Blurb- That's the little paragraph on the back cover. Clue the reader about the story, make them want to read it without spilling it all!

Editor- Get someone to help you review the story and your writing. Its really helpful too!

Step 6: Get Writing!!!

Finally, go grab a cup of coffee, sit in a nice comfy spot, and get writing!!!

I hope this instructable was helpful to you and i thank you for your time. Please let me know if you take my advice and start writing. Also, please PM me if you need and further help or have found an error in this.

And as one final thing

This is the first proper contest i have entered

Thank you!!!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I wish you the best in the contest! I will vote!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm really into writing, and I found this instructable very useful, thank you! I will definatly vote for you


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you! it is truly wonderful to hear it helped!! please PM me if you need any more help! also great to find a fellow writer
    PS thanks for the vote!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    That's an awesome idea. If you learn to publish ebooks, I bet you could even turn this into a little side business. Learn to write + get published = send small sums of money to AussieAnglerGal.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    haha, thats quite a good idea! thank you for your comments
    someday i hope to get my novels published