Introduction: The Earmuffones

Have You ever wanted to listen to music when it's -30*C otside? Now You can with The Earmuffones! It's earphoes + earmuffs! It takes 15-20 minutes to make, and cost only about 10$!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

For this project You'll need:


Screw driver


thread (probaly the same color as te earmuffs are...) ~1$
earmuffs (probably cheap, if You are not sure how well You sew...) ~1$
earphones ( NOT IN-EAR) ~8$

Step 2: Get the Electonics

We'll need a speakers and stuff for our earmuffones, so now we'll get them.

1 Take the padding off.

2 Use a screwdriver to pry off the outter side of earphones. (there are usually three holes with clips on this type of earphones)

3 Get the wiring and speaker, do it with both of the headphones and take the the wire out.

>Be carefull! Don't cut the wire!<

Step 3: Cut the Earmuffs

Now let's prepare warm and nice housing for our earphones.

1 Cut the earmuffs top like in the picture.

2 Cut a small hole in the bottom for a wire that goes to your mp3 player (or whatever).

Step 4: Finishing

Now put the wires and speakers in to the earmuffs througt the top hole, and put an input wire through the hole at the bottom. Then sew ewerything back together, and your Earmuffones are finished!

Step 5: Enjoy

Now enjoy Your unique Earmuffones and be ready for cold windy and musical winter!

again ENOJY =D