Introduction: The Easiest Banana Dessert Ever!

Here you will learn to make one of the easiest (and best tasting) desserts you have ever seen! This recipe only consists of 3 ingredients!! Or 4, if you get over excited lqtm

Step 1: Find the Ingredients

Ok, First you gotta bust out the following:
1 Banana,
Sour Cream,
thats all :]

Step 2: Measure the Sour Cream

Don't worry, you don't HAVE to go by these measurements =) But this is my favorite combination. Find a good healthy sized cereal bowl and scoop in the sour cream (I know, sour cream and banana doesn't sound very appatizing but trust me.) Around 1/2 cups is good

Step 3: Now Grab the Sugar

Now grab that sugar and go to town just scoopin all kinds of {2 tablespoons} out of it and stick it in that there bowl :]

Step 4: Nanner Time

OK! Its time to peel tha bonanah! lol Make sure to only peel back just ONE SIDE of the skin so you can use the other side and support the banana with your fingers without touching it > EW! Chop little slices or big slices or however you like to roll.

Step 5: Looks Good. Dont It.

So once you've got all your banana chopped up and in the bowl, you can start stirrin. Do the stir dance with me....... just stir it up, oh yeah, stir stir stir stir, get freaky with that spoon, uhhhhuh.. Okayyy, So take that spoon (rinse it off if you need to! LMFO) and dig in! This recipe was passed down to me by my dad who learned it from his mom and so on and so forth... lol The beauty of it is YOU probably have all the ingredients laying around somewhere in yer fridge or ice box or bath tub, whatever. SO next time your feelin a little hungry for somethin tasty, you can throw this together in no time! Enjoy.