Introduction: The Easiest Electronic Ignitor EVER!!!

How to make an electric ignitor in minutes or less

Step 1: The Materials You Will Need

You will need: a christmas light, a paper match, Fireworks(of course),and Tape

Step 2: Putting the Match in the Light

First take the christmas light and use pliars and break off the top of the light so it looks like this, then cut off the head of the match and insert it into the light so that it touches the filliment like in the picture.

Step 3: Atatching the Firework

Insirt the wick into the light so that it is touching the match had also.

Step 4: Tape

Put one layer of tape just to hold the wick and match in place.

Step 5: Your Done

All you have to do is put a 9v to the two wires and the filiment should light up, lighting the match, which lights the wick. Some advice would be to having a long wire between the 9v and the light because right when the 9v conects it should go off