The Easiest Paper Heart You Will Ever See




Introduction: The Easiest Paper Heart You Will Ever See

About: hi, my name is payge. i like origami and other kinds of things you can make out of paper.

so, I don't know about you, but since I tuaght myself origami, most of the patterns are really difficult. That's why I decided to show you how to make a paper heart so easy it would blow your mind.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  1. a peice of paper. (preferably cardstock since that's what i used and it turned out awesome.)
  2. scissors. (only if paper isn't square.)
  3. a pencil.

Step 2: Make Sure the Paper Is Square

It would be easier to have just simply gotten square paper, but just in case you didn't...

first you have to fold the paper so the top left corner lines up with the bottom edge of the paper. DO NOT ACTUALLY FOLD. SIMPLY HOLD THE PAPER WHERE IT IS AND DRAW A LINE ALONG THE SHADOW WITH A PENCIL. once you've drawn that line you can simply cut along the pencil line. I'd suggest using a ruler just to make sure the line is perfect.

Step 3: Folding the Paper.

The first fold is really easy. you simply have to take a bottom corner, and fold it so that it goes in-between the 2 top corners.

Step 4: Second Fold.

now fold it so that the bottom left corner lines up with the top left corner.

Step 5: Last Fold

now it should look like a heart. but if you did this instuctable correctly, the top edges should be pointed. simply fold that back. now it should look like a heart.

Step 6: Why You Needed That Pencil.

you needed a pencil because obviously you're gonna write something. if not, skip this step.

so first, write like a name or something on the front.

then, unfold it and write a message inside.

lastly, refold it and give it to whoever.

or don't. this last step is 100% optional.

Step 7: This Is What It Should Look Like.

so at the top is a picture of the finished origami heart. hope you liked this and i really hope you try it!

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    Fun trick. I have going to have to surprise my wife with a random paper heart when she isn't expecting it.