Introduction: The Easiest Way on Putting on a Paracord Bracelet

If you wear or started wearing paracord bracelets you understand the struggle of putting this on on in the mourning so this instuctable will show you the easiest way on putting a paracord bracelet on.

Step 1: Unbuckle

Either push the two sides of your buckle or pull the pin from the shackle.

Step 2: Wall

Pin the bracelet to any wall or desk, in between your wrist and the wall or desk.

Step 3: Use Other Hand

When your bracelet is pinned roll your wrist so the buckle or shackle is facing left or right (I suggest that for buckles the part with the three prong is closer to the pinned side), use your other hand to grab the other side of the buckle and push it down, or for shackle fit the two pieces together.

Step 4: Click

Now click the two pieces together or put the pin in the shackle! I believe this to be the easiest way of putting on your paracord bracelet. It only takes me 5 seconds! To bad this instructable didn't take 5 seconds but oh well! Goodluck