Introduction: The Easiest Way to Make a Rice Omelet

Welcome to my first Instructables’ post. Today I will be sharing with you how to make a rice omelet in the easiest way possible.

Step 1: Step1: the Recipe

Ingredients (for two people)

Chicken Breast 200 grams

Onion 1/2

Eggs 4

Tomato Sauce 30 grams

Salt and Pepper As needed

Butter 10 grams

Milk 30 grams

White rice 400 grams

Hondashi *1 As needed

*1- Hondashi is the Japanese basis for most of your Japanese dishes

Step 2: Step2: Preparing of Eggs

The first thing you do is that you grab a bowl and put eggs, salt and pepper, milk and Hondashi, scaling the amount of each (Called #1). Heat a frying pan with medium heat, put 10 grams of butter and then, put #1 on a frying pan. After getting eggs ready, transfer them to on a wrap and let it cool.

The point of this step is that you will need to let eggs cool on a plastic wrap to make it easier to wrap rice and eggs up after.

Step 3: Step3: Cutting an Onion and a Chicken Into Small Pieces

In this step, ingredients that will be heated will be cut in pieces. Chop the onion into fine and cut the chicken into a piece of 1 inch.

Step 4: Step4: Stir-fry Chicken and Onion

Basically, the method of cooking in this step is to heat a little oil in a frying pan, stir-fry the chicken until it gets brown, add the onion, then add salt and pepper with medium heat. Keep everything on the frying pan for the next step.

Step 5: Step5: Final Preparing of Rice (This Is Called Chicken Rice)

In this step, you put white rice on the frying pan you used in step4 and mix everything up. Once it gets mixed well, make a brank in the middle of the frying pan and add tomato sauce there.

Wait 5-10 seconds to release excess moisture and mix everything up with medium heat.

Step 6: Step6: Fold Chicken Rice With the Eggs You Made in Step2

Fold the top and bottom sides of fried eggs over the rice to form an omelet shaped like a leaf and then place it on a dish. Make sure all the process you do is being done on the plastic wrap. Put tomato sauce again on the top as needed.

The reason being wrapped on the plastic wrap is to make it easier to form a good shape when you fold chicken rice with the eggs.

There is another way to wrap up being done on the flying pan but it should be much harder for your first attempt so that I strongly recommend you to do it with the plastic wrap.

Step 7: Step:7 Enjoy Your Meal