Introduction: The Easy Credit Card Phone Stand

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ok so instructable number two. so this one came to me when I posted my last one and I saw the jury rig contest and it suddenly hit me that there was a much quicker and easier method to achieve the same sort of result. so using only a pen, credit card and a pair of scissors this stand was created.

now I've entered it in the epilog contest as well because I thought I would be a good idea to make them from styrene sheet plus you could make these in to maded to order business cards from different materials with your name etched on them.

Step 1: Gather Your Your Bits

so grab any unwanted credit card or similar sized card you don't really use any more. mine is a card I was given when I attended a scaffold training course as you can see in th second picture it's also a usb flash drive

Step 2: First Cut

ok so measure the thickness of your mobile. Now Mark out a slot wide enough and leave it 1/2"(12mm) from the top. once your happy where your slot is cut it out. one thing to remember is to follow the shape of your phone seeming as some phones have curved backs this will help with stability.

Step 3: Second Cut

Now all I did to get the desired angle for the cut was to slot the phone and card together and eye it up against the end of a table until I was happy with the angle the phones screen would be facing.

Once happy cut the corner off

Step 4: New Step

all I did then was add a strip of insulation tape to the edge to stop any scratches. now its ready to slot straight on to your phone. HAPPY VIEWING.

Step 5: Reworked Idea Incase Your Card Is Thin

I have also tried this with a gym members card which is slightly thinner than a credit card and was unstable. as you can see in the picture I have added a T shaped piece of insulation tape plus added a couple of other pieces of tape to make sure the slot is a snug fit on my phone. plus one more thing I have thought about is that some phones have a curved back so when cutting the slot make sure to follow the profile of your phone this should also help with stability.

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