The Endless Cup! (Secret Drink Collector Compartment)




Introduction: The Endless Cup! (Secret Drink Collector Compartment)

You walk into a party with a single Solo® cup and begin to pour yourself a cup of pop (soda) from a 2 liter bottle. When suddenly the entire bottle is empty, you then pour yourself another "bottle" and another and another all into the same cup. You now have your favorite soda in large quantities. How was this possible you ask? With the help of The Endless Cup. The scenarios are endless and the uses for collecting large quantities of a liquid/beverage are endless. Where else could you pour yourself a "bottle" of your favorite beverage?

NOTE: Do not use this to take any beverage from places that would not look kindly upon it. (Example: fast food fountain drinks) Instead use this for great fun (water fountains), secret missions, secretively collecting large quantities of liquid for someone dehydrated, pouring a "small" cup of a beverage from a kind persons drink.

This is an idea that I have wanted to bring to life for a while. The idea behind this is to have an "Endless Cup". This means that any cup (mainly disposable cups) can instantly be converted into a cup that collects an almost endless amount of liquid. This liquid is then stored "secretly" in a compartment held in the body of a duffel bag (or any similar bag "on hand"). The secret compartment used to store the liquid in is conveniently contained in a 2 liter pop bottle. However, this could be changed out for any other more convenient bottle.

Step 1: Gather Materials....

Basic List of Materials
    • Duffel Bag (or any type of bag with a large cavity)
    • Clear Vinyl Tubing (1/2 in. OP x 3/8 in ID x 10 ft.)
    • 2 Liter Bottle
    • Brass Hose Barb (3/8 in. ID)
    • Hose Elbow (3/8 in. ID)
    • Hose Washer
    • Nylon Hose Barb to MIP Elbow
    • 1.5 in. Suction Cut

    Possible Extras

    • 2 in. Piece of Tape
    • Hose Cut Off Valve

    Possible List of Tools Needed
    • Power Drill
    • Drill Bits 1/2 in., 1/8 in.
    • Scissors
    • Tape Measure

    Step 2: Cut the Tube Length

    In order to cut an appropriate length of tubing that connects a cup to a two liter bottle, I have set up a simple formula to follow. A tape measure may be useful in the measurements. NOTE: All measurements taken in inches.

    Arm Length + Body Length + 7 inches = Total tube length.

    Arm Length = The center of the palm to the arm pit

    Body Length = The top of the hip to the arm pit

    7 inches = Appropriate amount of tubing that reaches the desired position (from hip to center of bag) in most standard duffel bags. If using a different type of bag, this measurement may be changed.

    (A length of 48 inches was used in the depicted project)

    Step 3: Create the Cap

    • Empty and rinse out a 2 liter pop bottle.
    • Screw the cap back onto the bottle.
    • Find the center of the lid (or eyeball it) and mark it as the place that you will drill a hole. NOTE: Usually there is a small dot of plastic in the center of most caps that will identify the center easily.
    • Using a 1/2 inch drill bit, drill out a 3/4th inch hole in the cap. If you have a 3/4th inch drill bit, that will provide a more circular hole. As you drill out the 3/4th inch hole, occasionally try screwing in the Nylon Hose Barb to MIP Elbow. Once the hole is big enough, the threaded male end of the elbow will be able to thread itself snug against the cap.
    • Remove the elbow and file the loose barbs and excess plastic from around the hole on the cap.
    • Place a hose washer on the threaded end of the elbow.
    • Screw the elbow back into the hole on the lid, as shown in the pictures. Make sure it is screwed down tight in order to ensure a watertight seal.
    • Your bottle should now look like the picture in the bottom right corner of this step.

    Step 4: Attach the Tube

    • Attach the barbed end of the "Hose Barb to MIP Elbow" to one end of the tube.
    • Attach one end of the "Hose Elbow" to the other end of the tube.
    • NOTE: It may take some twisting and turning in order to fully insert the elbows into the tube. I unscrewed the 2 liter in order to more easily insert it into the tube.
    • You should now have a tube that looks similar to the picture ABOVE.

    Step 5: Sharpen the Needle

    This step is to create the "needle/puncturing device" that will be able to puncture the bottom of the cup.
    • Obtain the Brass Hose Barb and put it into a vise or secure it in some way.
    • Using a hack saw, cut the tip of the brass barb at a 45˚ angle.
    • Using a file, sharpen the edge (the 45˚ angle edge) of the brass tube. Try to get the edge as razor like as possible. The sharper it is the easier it will be to puncture the cup.
    • Vacuum/dust off the excess brass shavings.

    Step 6: Put on the Suction Cup

    • Cut a 1/4 inch hole in the center of a suction cup, using a blade or small drill.
    • Then press the brass tube, unsharpened side first, through the cone of the suction cup. In other words press the tube through the side which would be stuck on a window.
    • The base of the suction cup should meet the middle of the brass tube.
    • It should look like the picture above.

    Step 7: Putting It All Together

    To connect the brass hose barb to the vinyl elbow piece...

    • Cut off a piece of 1.5 inch tube from the excess tubing.
    • Connect the elbow piece to the flat end of the brass tube with the 1.5 inch tube as a coupling piece. Twisting and turning required.
    • Now connect the pop cap to the 2 liter pop bottle.
    • Your Endless Cup should now look the bottom right picture.

    Step 8: Drilling Vent Holes

    When the liquid enters the pop bottle the air pressure inside will eventually build up and stop the flow of the drink into the bottle. Therefore it is necessary to drill 3 small holes near the top of the bottle using 1/8 Inch drill bit. (Actually any small holes will do the trick. You could puncture it with a nail, pin, or any other sharp object.) This will allow to air to escape as the drink flows in. These should be drilled where the yellow dots are.

    A small piece of tape may be at the ready to cover the holes after the bottle is filled. (packaging tape or even clear cellophane tape should work)

    Your endless cup is now complete... now how to use it...

    Step 9: How to Use It...

    This video pretty much covers it all...

    1. Stick the suction cup end through a sleeve of a coat.
    2. Stick the tube coming from the suction cup out the bottom of the coat.
    3. Connect the bottle and stick it in a bag slung over your shoulder.
    4. Punch the brass spike through the bottom of the cup and begin to fill.
    5. Your bottle will quickly fill up with your favorite drink.

    Step 10: The Original Endless Cup

    This is where I got my inspiration for this project.

    Step 11: Other Ideas...

    Here are some extra modifications that you could make on your own to modify this device...

    • Use a different bottle that is more permanent and add a valve on the top that you could open and close instead of drilling the three tiny holes on top.
    • Use a shorter hose and make one similar to Harpo's (The one in the previous movie)
    • Add a cut off valve near the suction cup on the hose to make for easier removal of the brass spike from the cup.
    • Use a small bag (with no air in it) instead of a bottle, and attach that under your shirt/down pant leg for a bottleless experience. (no need to carry a duffel bag either)
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      Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

      The possibilities are "endless"...


      9 years ago

      with a straw attached to the stem, you could make never-ending cup for say the movies. maybe?


      9 years ago on Introduction

      When I first saw this instructable i thought it was for a never emptying cup


      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      i agree, i thought this was a cup from which you could drink and drink from.


      9 years ago on Introduction

      ...but "Do not use this to take any beverage from places that would not look kindly upon it (Example: fast food fountain drinks)" lol


      9 years ago

      omg it works! thanks so much