Introduction: How to Draw the Endless Zentangle Paradox Design Tutorial for Beginners


So in this Instructable i am basically showing you how to draw a complex paradox design.

You can refer the video and the step by step pictures of the paradox, as how it looks after completing each step.

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Step 1: Draw the Basic Structure

In this step you have to draw the very basic structure of your paradox design.

I made this paradox design by drawing triangles.

In first step i made a equilateral triangle with each side of 9 cm, and then dividing each side by dots with 3 cm of length, and connect the dots to again make a opposite triangle shape as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Structure Is Almost Done

In this step i completed drawing 2 triangles in opposite directions.

From the intersection point of both the triangles you have to draw a line going outwards as shown in the picture.

I made lines of 3 cm again, you can choose the length as per your paradox size.

Step 3: Done With the Structure.

In the final step to draw the structure, we will connect the lines to both sides of the triangles and connecting their center points to make small triangles other than the two big triangles.

Please refer to the picture for more clarity.

Step 4: Its Time for the Paradox

Well the structure is done, now its time for the paradox

In this step i picked the left side of the smaller triangles on the outside of the structures.

And covered these triangles with Anti clock wise pattern as shown in the video and picture.

Step 5: Complete the Outer Area

As shown in the previous step, we picked the left triangles and did the Anti Clock wise pattern.

In this step we will pick the right side triangles and will do the opposite, and draw the clock wise pattern in it.

Refer Video / Picture

Step 6: Its Time for the Bigger Triangles

So, now we are done with the outer portion.

Its time to pick the bigger triangles, one by one.

We will draw all the bigger triangles with Clock wise pattern as shown.

Step 7: Just the Center Portion

we are just left the 6 center triangles to draw

We will pick any 3 alternate triangles in this step and draw the clock wise pattern of paradox.

Step 8: And the Paradox Is DONE

It the last and final step of this paradox design.

In this step like i the previous we step we picked 3 alternate designs and did the clock wise pattern.

its time to pick the renaming 3 triangles and cover it with anti clock wise pattern

With this we complete this paradox design.

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