The Energy Bike

Introduction: The Energy Bike

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Produce Energy while Exercising!


We are exploring the use of affordable, off-the-shelf materials and basic techniques to create Energy generating Fitness Equipment. The idea behind the Energy Bike is to create accessible solutions, creating as much of the technology from scratch, collecting and sharing this knowledge through DIY instructions. The Energy Bike project is continuously being developed by Christopher Michael Lim, CFT and his team of Engineers at the and as such is constantly being expanded and refined. We welcome any feedback and input from interested individuals, groups and companies.

FitCube Fitness is currently developing stationary, as well as mobile versions of the Energy Bike. The following Instructable describes the function and how to build your very own Energy Bike. We will continue developing the project on the function is to create Energy with a most Healthy ByProduct (Your good Health). Here are the steps.

Step 1: Materials

Obtain 250W Scooter Motor and Solar Charge controller.

Step 2: Weld Motor to Spin Cycle Frame

Use a Thick Plumber's Rubber Washer with a small metal pulley and weld on to the shaft of the Motor.

Step 3: Wire Output to the Charge Controller With Batteries

Use a DC/AC inverter from the battery to light up LED's and Signs.

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