Introduction: The Eternal Doggy Bowl

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For those of us who have dogs, we all know how dogs love to bother you for things when you are most busy. For example, whilst I was finishing a project, my dog would not stop whining for water. I eventually broke down and quenched her thirst, only to lead to my hunt for my glue stick because it somehow had escaped me...

This idea came from something I got as a child for one of my now deceased dogs, but the idea is so simple and there is no need to buy a fancier version!

Step 1: Get Those Supplies!

To create this (almost) immortal bowl of greatness, you will need the simplest of materials.

-A water bottle (Can be a normal water bottle, or a larger soda bottle.)

-Chopsticks (Or other supports.)

-Duct tape

-Dog (Unless you prefer to drink like an animal.)


-Dog Bowl (Not shown)

Step 2: Set Up Water Supply

You can take off the label if you like, but that's optional. Take your chopsticks and duct tape and tape the sticks (keep them together) about halfway up the bottle.

Step 3: Attaching Water Supply

Take your "water supplier" and tape the lower chopstick half to the bowl. Fill bottle with water, (It's a bit awkward at first, but you'll get it.) along with the bowl. Every time the bowl's water level drops below where the cap would screw on, more water is poured into the bowl.

Step 4: Final Touches...

You may need to modify yours a bit, add a few tid-bits here and there, but otherwise, it's ready for your precious pooch!