Introduction: The FAMILY Lamp

The dimension: Width 14 X Length 31 X 56 Height (not include the light bulb) centimeters.

Hello, this project I try to make the pvc lamp that look like rusted metal and use Edison light bulb style. The concept of the lamp is the family (Dad, mom, and son) that the reason, I have 3 light bulbs. The design is like the triangle form, that have different height of the light bulb and the lamp can be dim as well. The material are easy to find, I use the dark gray flat stone (stone slate) for the base and pvc pipes. It’s easy to make. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do the Family Lamp project.

1. Pvc pipe ¾”, pvc pipe fitting (3 ways = 4, end caps = 2, 90 angle =1, pvc pipe holder = 2, pvc adapter = 3 for attach the light socket), light bulb sockets, Edison style light bulbs. (You can use any pvc pipe dimension)

2. Ball value (use only the round handle), spray paint, paint (rust with metal powder), rust activate aging, masking tape, glue.

3. Wire, dimmer switch, light plug.

Step 1: Draw Elevation and Cut the Stone.

Before I begin. I have the idea of the lamp, then I draw the lamp elevation 1:1, so I will know the dimension as I design. Look for some flat stone that will use as the base, the piece that I found almost rectangle already and need to be cut on both end. Now I cut the flat stone, to make it rectangle for the base. When I cut the stone. I pour the water to the blade and the stone, to make the cut better. (I used the blade disk that cut the ceramic tile). Now I drill the 4 holds into the stone, same length as the pipe brackets. Next I fill the hold with a round wood inside, for attach the screws at the end. Now the base should be done.

Step 2: Cut Pvc Pipe and Assembly.

Next I cut the pvc pipes as the dimension in the elevation. The length of the lamp (You can adjust the dimension as you want). Make sure that you leave about 2 centimeters at each end to insert into the fitting. The dimension in length that I cut 6.5 cm. = 3 pieces, 7 cm. = 2 pieces, 11 cm. = 1 piece, 15 cm. = 2 pieces, and 12 cm. = 1 piece for the base. I begin to assemble the pvc pipe by 1 section at the time, as I assemble the pipe, I connect the wire to the sockets as well (the light socket will fit in to the pvc pipe adapter). I draw the diagram in the elevation, so I know how long the wire that will need. Then I try to attach the pvc pipe as the elevation. At this point no need to use glue, if you push the pvc pipe in all the way, it will be tight. Now I almost complete the lamp, everything should finish for the upper section. Then I need to connect the dimmer switch inside, I need to make the dimmer switch smaller in dimension in order to fit inside the pvc pipe. So I use larger pve pipe and make the cut and use the heat gun in order to bend the pvc pipe to make it smaller to cover the dimmer switch area. (This process take time, to make everything fit together). After everything fit, so I try it, if it will work before go to the next step.

Step 3: Paint and Rust.

Now I spray paint the pvc lamp, and the light plug red brown, use the masking in some area that will not paint. For the ball value round handle I spray with red. When it dry, next I use sponge dip into the metal powder paint to cover all area, let the paint dry, then apply the next coat. For the round handle knob I use metal powder paint as well. If some area is too much, use water to scrub it off. Now I attach the round handle to the dimmer switch by using the thin piece of metal to make it tight and use the glue. Then I attach the pvc lamp to the flat stone base with the screws by using pvc brackets and assemble the wire to the light plug. Now I use the rust activate liquid to apply to the pvc lamp and light plug. Let it dry, the rust will appear, then I apply the rust activate again in all area. Now I screw in the light bulb and place into the bathroom and try it out. It works, and look cool. It makes the bathroom look better or any rooms.

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