Introduction: The Faucet Lamp

The dimension: Width 17 X Length 32 (the base is free form) X 50 Height (not include the lamp shade) centimeters.

Hello, this project I try to make the pvc lamp that different from the last one. This time I will use the theme the water running from the faucet. It takes more time then the last one, but more challenge to solve problems as I go along. Sometime I need to adapt or make things. The base of the lamp, I use free form flat rock and all the dimension will base on the flat rock for the balance of the lamp. The color is to make the pipe look old and it has been repaint over time and rusted as the time pass by. The results of the lamp come out nice and it can be decorated in any rooms. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do the faucet Lamp project.

1. Pvc pipe ¾”, pvc pipe fitting (3 ways = 1, 90 angle =1, pvc adapter = 1 for attach the faucet), light bulb sockets (come with the lamp shade), LED light bulbs. (You can use any pvc pipe dimension) flat stone for the base, faucet, and clear acrylic.

2. Spray paint (red brown, light blue, light green), paint (rust with metal powder), rust activate aging, masking tape, glue, thick laquer, and scotch brite.

3. Small switch, USB wire, USB plug.

Step 1: Draw Elevation and Make the Lamp Base.

Before I begin. I have the idea of the lamp, then I draw the lamp elevation 1:1, so I will know the dimension as I design. Look for some flat stone that will use as the base, the color doesn’t matter, just flat will be good. Now I drill the 1 holds into the stone to make the attachment to the wooden tubular to attach to the pvc pipe. I need to sanded until it fit. Next I screw to the wooden tubular from under the flat stone. Now the base should be done.

Step 2: Cut Pvc Pipe, Wired, Assembly the Lamp.

Next I cut the pvc pipes as the dimension in the elevation. The length of the lamp (You can adjust the dimension as you want). Make sure that you leave about 2 centimeters at each end to insert into the fitting. The dimension in length that I cut 7 cm. = 1 piece, 12 cm. = 1 piece, 30 cm. = 1 piece. I begin to assemble the pvc pipe by 1 section at the time, as I assemble the pipe, I connect the wire to the sockets as well (the light socket for the lamp shade will not fit in to the pvc pipe, so I need to make it bigger). The lamp shade come with the light bulb, but not LED, so I need to replace with LED. I draw the diagram in the elevation, so I know how long the wire that will need. Then I try to attach the pvc pipe as the elevation. At this point no need to use glue, if you push the pvc pipe in all the way, it will be tight. Now I almost complete the lamp. Then I need to connect the switch inside the pvc pipe. The wires will go to the upper LED light with the lamp shade and the single green LED will go inside the faucet, which the green LED need to be sanded to be able to fit inside the tip of the faucet, I need to drill the hold bigger for the wires to go through easy. Now I sanded the tubular wood to connect the 3 ways pvc pipe to the end of the faucet. The tubular wooden need to be drill hold as well for the wires to go through. For the outlet I use the USB adapter for the power source. After everything fit, so I try it, if it will work before go to the next step.

Step 3: Spray Paint and Make Rusted.

Now I spray paint the pvc lamp red brown and USB adapter is black, use the masking in some area that will not paint. Then I spray paint light blue on the lamp and red on the faucet, let it dry and scrub some paint off with the scotch brite. Next I spray paint light green, let it dry and scrub some paint off with the scotch brite. Now it will look multi color. It look like it has been repaint over time. Next I use the sponge to apply the metal powder paint to the area that I think should be rusted (on the lamp and the faucet), if it too much I use water to whip it off, apply at least 2 coats, let it dry. Next apply the rust activated to the some area that I want rust to appear. For the lamp shade it white before, so I spray paint it copper color. Then I attach the pvc lamp to the flat stone base to the wooden tubular which the USB power run inside and I cover with the round base cap that will look nice, when I attach to the flat stone. I use the glue to make it stronger. Now I cut the clear acrylic and sanded to tubular shape, just like the water run out from the faucet and use the heat gun to bend the tip, so it can go in the tip of the faucet. Then I apply many coats of thick laquer to make like the stone is wet, when the water running. Now I place the faucet lamp on top of the cabinet and try it out. The upper LED light is too bright, So I cut the round brown paper to place on the top of the lamp shade. The light will be softer and reflex it down to see the rusted areas and be able to see the green light’s transparent through clear acrylic, it look nice. It works, and looks cool. It makes any rooms look better.

Thank you

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