Introduction: The Feed-O-Matic

Whenever you leave the house for a longer period of time and have to leave your cat behind, it’s hard to find someone to take care of it. This system feeds your cat at specific time frames, so that the cat is well fed.

It's a very simple design using items commonly found in most households. All you need is an Arduino Uno board, a plastic bottle, a servo motor, and a piece of cardboard.

Step 1: Make the Circuit

First, connect the servo's signal pin to pin #9 on the Arduino.

Then, connect the servo's VCC and GND pins to 5V VCC and GND on the Arduino.

Step 2: Assemble the Project

Assemble the project, after making the circuit. Cut the bottle in half and flip it upside down. Then connect a cardboard piece to a servo monitor (this will allow the cardboard piece to open and close), which is connected to the Arduino Uno board. Then fill the bottle up with cat food

Step 3: Create the Program

Create the program on Arduino. The code should allow the cardboard piece to open and close at given times, allowing the food to drop from the bottle.

Step 4: Configure Your Project

Depending on your setup, you'd want to adjust the open and close position of the servo.

You may also want to set the time interval between feeds.