Introduction: The Fifth Element Themed Tray

I had been meaning to make a good heavy duty tray for quite some time.
So to make it interesting I decided to have The Fifth Element stones on it.

Step 1: Design

I traced the design from a 3D print by Imirnman. To create depth I wanted to cut the design out and place a full board behind it. The rest is just a simple tray with boards double upped.

I've attached the DXF if anyone is interested.

Step 2: Stain and Laser

Pretty straight forward. I decided to go with a black stain for the sides and the back board. Kona for the top.

Step 3: Gluing, Sanding, Assembly.

Since I doubled up all the boards for durability I glued each pair together ahead of time. Made sanding all the ends and assembly easier. After sanding I added some water based poly then assembled. I also hot glued the back a lot to seal it from epoxy later. As well as adding additional for grip.

Step 4: Epoxy

I used a mason jar for a vacuum chamber, took three goes. I used a small butane torch to remove the bubbles that came from the wood, there were a lot. I'd probably find a way to seal the wood better next time. Was my first time epoxying so naturally I ended up burning a bit in the corner too, but still came out well.

Step 5: Time to Use It

After letting it cure over night it was good to go. It is very heavy, which is perfect, keeps it on my lap even when things are off balance. Not many things better than things designed for you.

Thanks and enjoy.

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