Introduction: The Finger Mouse

About: I'm a senior high school student that aspires to become an entrepreneur/ inventor. I do little projects here and there, and try to give back to the coding community in the small ways I can.

This is a tutorial that explains how to set up the finger mouse application. The finger mouse application, although still in its elementary state, allows users to transform their smartphone devices into a virtual, free tablet/ pad.

I created this app so I could play Osu! better, as I do not have a tablet/ pad with which I can play the game, and I do not plan on buying one in the near future.

Here is a video tutorial for this instructable:

Needed Materials:

-Your Brain |:^=)

-Android or iPhone

-A Windows Computer

-A game to use this with



-Tape or sharpie of any color that isn't on your ceiling

-A finger

Step 1: Setup

First, download the application files.

Then, download a free smartphone webcam utility such as "Mini Webcam" from the apple store or "IP Webcam" from the google store.

Figure out what color is not present on your ceiling (I chose dark blue), and color something opaque around you that can be expended (fabric, electric tape, etc) which can fit snugly around your index finger with a marker of that identified color.

(This is what I used)

Next, using your smartphone, take a photo of the colored thing and send it over to your computer.

Rename the file to "sample.JPG" and navigate into the corresponding "fingermousestartup" application folder based on your java version, and put the image there.

Open your new smartphone webcam application, and take note of the ip address and port. (ex.

80 = port

Launch the startup application and fill out the information required. You MUST type in the IP Address word for word, and afterwords click outside of the text box to input the colors. Do NOT accidentally hold down a number and click an area on the image. When you are done, click "Save and exit." Do NOT click the X button, or else the program will crash.

When you are done, you should see an "info.txt" file in the startup application folder. In that file, you will see the IP Address you typed in, as well as the hues that you chose. You can edit the IP address as needed.

Drag and drop the "info.txt" file into your corresponding "fingermousemain" application folder.

Your setup is finished! Congratulations!

Step 2: Using It and Troubleshooting

When you want to use the application, make sure you start the webcam application on your phone first, and that the IP address did not change. If so, modify the "info.txt" file as needed. Then, launch "fingermouse.exe" and enjoy!

If at any time you need to quit, simply alt tab to the application window and press 1. This force-quits the application.


A few very important mentions with regard to use.

Make sure that your smartphone is plugged in

Make sure that the place you are using the application has a stable brightness level

Make sure that the color used is not present in your ceiling

If your mouse goes crazy, DON'T PANIC. Just cover your smartphone camera and close the application if needed.

Possible causes of problems:

Did not choose the right version of the applications in the startup process

Did not choose the best color for your finger tracking thing

Phone turned off

Security settings interfere with attempts to stream incoming data

If you have any trouble with this program still, comment below. I will try to be as responsive and descriptive as possible.