Introduction: The FireCracker Rocket

     Have a need for doing a project? Do you not normally have enough time to do something? Or do you want to make something simple with a firework? Introducing - The FireCracker Rocket !

Specs of The FireCracker Rocket:

Size: about 4in tall
Engine: TNT Ground Blaster (from a pack of 100)
Rocket Launch: anywhere from 1 to 15 foot!
Cost: A few notecards, some tape, and a firework.

Here's my video on one of the launches, as well as a video tutorial to help you out:

Click Next to start building:

Step 1: Building Materials

     Parts for this project are very simple, you should have everything, except one. As with my other Instructables, supplies used in steps will be highlighted in BOLD .

Firework - As many as you want, I got a pack of 100 TNT Ground Blasters around New Years. There usually a few stores that are open year round, search Google in your local area to get some. Cost: Around $5.00

Matches - To Ignite the firework. Had some lying around the house.
Note-cards (2) - To build the Rocket Body. Had some lying around the house.
Scotch Tape - Any kind works, whatever is available.

Building Tools:

1/32 Stock Tube or pencil
Hobby Knife
Marker (Optional)

Step 2: Rocket Body and Engine Mount

First, take your notecards , and put the side with the lines down. Then color with whatever color marker you want your rocket to look like. I chose black for this one. (Photo 1)

Then, roll one your notecards on its vertical side with the stock tube or pencil , and test fit with one of your firecrackers . (Photo 2) For more - there is a video detail on how to do this, go back to the intro and see the youtube video. Skip to 2:26 for the this step.

After rolling your rocket together, tape the bottom to keep the rocket from unraveling. Again, see the video if you need more help on this.

Assembly of the nose:

To assemble the nose of the rocket, cut the top of the tube into 4 triangle sections. To hold the top closed, add tape again and then twist the tape to get a point on the end of the rocket (Photo 3 and 4).

Step 3: Rocket Fins

Now that you have the body assembled, its time to add the fins, so the rocket can stand up by itself, and stay level through flight.

Take your second notecard and cut three triangle pieces, making sure the triangle pieces are longer that the wick of the firecracker (Photo 1).

To attach the fins, tape one side then add it to the rocket. Add tape on the other side of the fin to secure the fin to the rocket. Use your hobby knife to remove excess tape (Photo 2). Repeat this process 2 more times. The second fin will need to be around 60 Degrees from the first one, and the third fin will be 60 Degrees from the first and third fins of the rocket. Skip to 8:27 on the video for more detail on how to add the fins, as well as the assembly process of this.

Step 4: Completed!

Congradulations! You finished your rocket! Its now time to take it outside and launch it! Please note, this rocket will have problems sometimes, as in the below video. Most launches though are fun and are a BLAST ( pun intended...)

Now, here's where its your turn:

Build your rocket and share a photo! I built the Rocket, Red Rocket, and Black Night. What will you come up with??? Also, this is a easy and quick project to do - how about maybe making the rocket bigger? Could more firecrackers make the rocket go higher or just explode? The possibilities are endless!

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