Introduction: The $5 Weather Proof Bag / Survival Pillow!

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I am an Outdoor Photographer who tends to use creativity rather then Spending. Often while outside outside it could suddenly rain so, I wanted to further protect my equipment. I already use a sling bag that has a cover and a weatherproof cover for my camera while in extreme Rain or Snow but I wanted to go further to protect the Cameras the my Bag.

Rainproof inserts can be costly so I went to the local Walmart and picked up Duct tape with a pattern and a set of Three Gallon size zip lock style bags from the Dollar tree. ead on and look at the pictures!!!

UPDATE! Survival Pillow Works Great!

Items Needed:
1 Roll of Duct Tape ( I used Camo Pattern!)
1 Gallon Size Ziploc Style Bag ( Three in a set for a Dollar at the Dollar tree!)
Scotch Tape

Total Time to Make:
40 Mins


Dane aka the Wandering Photographer of Norwich Ct.

Step 1:

You will need one bag

Step 2:

Tape Bottom edges up with scotch tape, left side here

Step 3:

Tape both sides ( i only show left side..LOL) Also; I just taped it up to act as a measuring line, cut the bag at the bottom and you will have a strip of plastic to use for other products

Step 4:

Camo Duct Tape! In fact Walmart sells a large variety of Patterned and Colored Tape! We are going to reinforce the Edges so they don't POP in Cold weather.

Step 5:

Here is the cut and shortened bottom end with Duct tape on the Back side, I tried to get the plastic lined up on the tape evenly but it doesnt matter because this step is to reinforce the edges as they can POP in cold weather and we will cover theis with more duct tape larer on.

Step 6:

Now Cut a small incision that ends at the end of the bag (Pic 1) ,

Fold top piece of tape onto bag as shown (Pic 2)

Now do the same for the other side of the bag.

Step 7:

Now flip the bag over and it should look like this: (Pic 1)

Flip over again and it looks like this: (Pic 2)

Fold the Flap of tape over onto the bag and you see this: (Pic 3)

You have now finished sealing the seams at the bottom of the Bag

Step 8:

Now we will do the Sides of the bag.

Make a slit like so: (Pic 1)

Fold the TOP Piece over Into bag like so: (Pic 2)

Do the same for the Bottom of the bag, Slit, then fold over tape (Pics 3 & 4)

Fold Long Piece of Tape over onto Bag ( Long piece shown in Pic 4 )  Also, Fold Little Flap that is left ( The piece that my fingers are holding in Pic 4 )

Step 9:

Go to the TOP of bag and FOLD IN the little flap. (Pic 1)

Repeat steps for the other side of bag. When you are done it will look like this: (Pic 2)

Lay Strips of Tape like so, overlapping just a little. (Pic 3)

Continue to lay tape to the end of bag covering all plastic then Flip bag over and repeat steps and it will look like this: (Pic 4)

Now lay a piece of tape along Top and Bottom edges on sides of bag and flip bag over and repeat: (Pic 5)
( No Need to line along sides as there is already two layers of Tape )

Step 10:

WaaLaa! the Final Product! a Weather Proof and Dust Proof Bag!!! (Pic 1)

And how it looks in my Photo-Ditty Bag! (Pic 2)

Step 11: Survival Pillow!

Weather proof, Fill it with whatever!

Thx Tim for trying it out! It is Comfy!

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