Introduction: The Flash Cardboard Boat

Materials and Tools:


Duct Tape(about 5 rolls)

Box cutter




Step 1: Choosing the Right Cardboard

First, what I did is that I brought 2 cardboards that we can get from Home Depot (size large). I taped them together with duct tape. Then for the sides, just to make it a little more stable, I got two pieces of cardboard and used them as angled profiles.

Step 2: The Front and Back

I bent the back part about 90 degrees and then the front part about 60 degrees. I cut off the top of the front because it blocked the riders view.

Step 3: Tapping the Bottom

I tapped the but of the boat by using a really strong tape that is called Gorilla tape because I wanted the bottom part of the boat really strong.

Step 4: Cardboard Decorations

I made like a electric symbol (The Flash Symbol), on the extra back part of the boat then taped it to make it strong.

Step 5: Tapping the Sides

I tapped the sides orange because the Flash's lightening color is orange.

Step 6: Making a Symbol

I made a flash symbol on the back of the boat by just using colored duct tape.

Step 7: Tapping Decorations.

I also tapped the sides of the back part by orange tape because it made the boat more appealing and it also flows with the theme.

Step 8: Adding More Cardboard and Tape

I realized that the boat was not strong enough and tight enough to hold me on top of water. I added 2 pieces of cardboard on top of the bottom part of the boat then tapped it to make a little more strong. But I didn't tape all of it because it was gonna make it too heavy.

Step 9: Test It

I tested my boat in a swimming pool, and it did indeed float and carried my weight perfectly.